Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the cookie factory

today after the mabster's dance class, we took the kids to Bud's Best Cookies for a free tour of the factory. it was beyond awesome, and the kids LOVED it. the tour lasted about 30 minutes and from start to finish, everyone really enjoyed it. as soon as we got there, we were given some foxy little hairnets to wear since we would actually be in the factory where the cookies are made. we boarded and took our seats upon the "cookieland express" train where our tour guides, albert and jane, gave us a detailed narration of how the cookies were being made. we were handed little cups that were filled throughout the tour with warm fresh cookies right out of the ovens. the mabster was in heaven, and toshy smothered hers completely all over her face. what a sweet mess. we got to sample some buddy bears, chocolate chip, and vanilla cookies. also, i thought it was amazing when tour guide jane told us that the factory makes over 1 million cookies every hour. incredible. oh, and the smell in the factory? reminded me of being a little girl at my mamaw's house during christmas. nostalgic, indeed.the tour of the factory came to an end, and we were given boxes of bud's best cookies. seriously. we went home with 3 big boxes and a coloring book. oh, and don't forget the foxy hairnets. all for free. can't get much better than that. i was impressed. here is a quick group pic i took as we were all walking out of the door.so we're all on a sugar high from free cookies and decided to all go out for lunch. we asked the kids what they wanted to eat, and both lil B and the mabster replied back with "mexican." go figure. so off to habanero's we went. my camera was having some malfunctions throughout the day so i took this one for shits and giggles. overall, i really enjoyed the whole experience and i know the munchkins did as well. bud knows his cookies!