Tuesday, September 8, 2009

dance class

today the mabster started back at dance class. her new teacher is ms. charla, and lil B is in the same class with her. they enjoyed pairing up together and twirling around in circles. some of the songs, the mabster remembered and sang along with since she use to sing them last year with ms. lori. one thing that was funny though was when we got home, and the mabster told me that her new teacher forgot to sing "twinkle, twinkle, little star" and "where, oh where, oh were is..." i take it my kid doesn't like change. i tried to explain to her that she was in the big leagues now where there aren't as many nursery rhymed based songs. maybe she will soon catch on. here are just a couple of quick pics i snagged of her first day back at dance class...after class, we all ate at our favorite mexican eatery. they know us well and are super kid friendly. stacy and i talked about how much fun it will be when we get to watch our girls dance around in their tutu costumes together at the end of the year at their dance recital. i loves watching some toddlers in some tutus. also, i love watching some sisterly hugs...