Monday, September 21, 2009

frat beach bash: day 1

for the past several months, we have been anxiously anticipating our family trip with a bunch of our closest old school college friends to the beach. we left early monday morning and made our way to gulf shores where we shared a beach house with 12 friends. later in the week, others made their way down and the vacation became SO much more fun. so from monday through thursday, the couples with kiddos along with a few others stayed in the "sunrise" side of the beach house duplex. needless to say, "sunset" was next door filled with a bunch of party animals. the beach house names seemed so appropriately fitting.

here are some pics of our first day. we got the family bedroom with two bunk beds and i must admit, i was excited. i love bunk beds! apparently, so does the mabster.once we were unpacked and settled, we walked down to the beach. the ocean felt amazing. warm and filled with fun waves. both the mabster and toshy really enjoyed splashing around and digging in the wet sand.after wards, we walked back to the house and went swimming in our very own pool. how stinkin' cute are the munchkins in their puddle jumpers? awesome purchase, indeed. here are some pics.after unpacking and playing all day, we ordered pizza and ate in. lastly, some of the highlights of the day include, but are not limited to: catching the mabster jumping on the bed with shannon in their room, heather reading bedtime stories repeatedly to the mabster in the den, and the guys trying to pull bate's truck out of the sand. they all walked in profusely sweating, and it was hilarious.