Wednesday, September 23, 2009

frat beach bash: day 3

today, we woke up and ate some yummy breakfast casserole thanks to maloney who is one helluva chef! then, we set up camp at the beach with our tailgating tent, beach chairs, toys, stereo and speakers, cornhole, and horseshoes. lyla and her BFF (claire) sported their cute sunglasses and hats. we loved watching all the kids play together when they all decided to sit still for a couple of minutes at a time. also, the mabster found some friends her age (7 other girls to be exact). she approached them with her dora mermaid (best conversation starter among fellow 3-6 year-olds just so you know). here are some bo, harper, and bowman arrived at the beach and filled us all in as to who was on there way up as well. here comes trouble! also, the second picture is one of our beach house. the mabster buried dora in the sand, and toshy ate oreo cookies covered in sand. yummy. nothing like some added salt for more flavor. ack!reason #539 as to why i married a frat boy: frozen pina coladas being escorted to us. awesome. also, we were so glad to be at the beach where there was nothing but sunshine. after what felt like a month of nonstop rain in birmingham, this beach trip couldn't have come at a better time. it's just what a gal needed. gotta love some nutritious vitamin D!after playing out on the beach while the kids napped, we all got ready and headed out for dinner. we at at Sea-n-Suds which was located right on the beach. the view of the ocean at sunset was beautiful, and the food was just what we were craving. here are some pics.after dinner, the kids went to bed immediately so we all took a late night swim in the pool. after losing so much weight, jay's wedding band is super loose on him and it slipped off while in the pool. luckily, the guys found it. sweet relief, and all around a great day.

(on a side note: jay took pictures of the girls out on the beach with his nice camera. i am more than pleased with how they turned out. thanks, daddy! i plan to frame and update our house with these newer pics asap. i will post some of those in a bit as well.)


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