Thursday, September 24, 2009

frat beach bash: day 4

it was another beautiful day at the beach on thursday. the mabster and daddy built a sandcastle only for the mabster to pull a belly buster and crash it down. but hey, at least she didn't pee on it like she did with bates' creation. hehe. all the girls pulled their beach chairs down to the cusp of the waves on the shore while the hubbies played with the kids. gotta love compromise on vacation, eh? the last pic is of toshy with uncle stinky. seems like the kids called everyone "uncle" throughout the whole trip. pretty darn cute. because of uncle stinky, toshy nows has a required taste for the high life. beer that is.we go inside where uncle tony and drew are peeling shrimp in preparation for dinner which consisted of shrimp grits and crab dip. again, the meal was fan-freakin-tastic. we must vacation at all times with the ceasar family. seriously. they know how to prepare the best grub around. cousin carson was giving his girlfriend, claire, kissing through the glass door, and it was so sweet. also after dinner, we gave toshy and claire a bath together. there was too much cuteness in one tub that's for sure. once the kids were asleep, we all drank some bellinis and played poker.
once the mabster finally passed out after trying so hard to hang with the big kids, we all went outside to the pool. as the nights progressed throughout the week, it just got rowdier and rowdier. we listened to a 90s radio station and it was hilarious. the guys threw some chairs in the pool for the ultimate relaxation. we all stayed out there for hours with no one leaving the pool to pee. one word: ewww. i am trying to remember how this night ended, but it's still foggy. i believe the rowdy bunch of non-marital status people went to flora-bama this night. the next morning, we received an earful of the shenanigans that took place in the white trashed bar. unfortunately, i fear of writing it here because i don't want my kids to ever read about it in the future. and that's all i have to say about that. ha!