Friday, September 25, 2009

frat beach bash: day 5

all of the gang is here already. both sides of "sunrise" and "sunset" are filled to the max. beds are all occupied as well as bedroom closets. no lie. so per the usual, we wake up and hit the beach. sunshine was valuable during the remaining last jay and tre are boogie-boarding in the waves, and needless to say, jay gets stung by a jellyfish. tony offered to pee on him, but jay declined. boo. i was actually excited about taking that pic. hehe. then later, jay started digging a manhole in hopes of trapping stinky in in. in theory, it was pretty clever. he wanted to align it with beer and put a sign that said "free beer," but before he could even cover it, the mabster jumped in. she thought it was her own special underground fort. oh well. at least someone got some fun use out of it.later, we all showered and got ready for dinner out a Lulu's. the last time i was there for our girl's trip, i knew i wanted to go back especially with kids in tow. the place is so incredibly perfect for them. while we waited (which surprisingly wasn't long at all), we ordered some frozen cocktails and let the kiddos play in the huge sand mountain. i believe the mabster has now developed a small crush for haswell. by the end of the night, she was calling him "boyfriend." too cute. also, check out tony photobombing our girls pic. the man is fakkin hilarious. all he needed that night was a gold chain around his neck. loved the hostess seats us right beside the live band, and it was awesome. the kiddos were going nutso. dancing in their high chairs and just having a grand ole time. it was the first time ever that i believe we could have sat there for 3 hours with the kids without worrying about ways to entertain them while they ate. later, the daddies all got out on the dance floor to dance with their little girls. next thing we know, the mabster is dancing with a group of old women just a twirling around and "shaking her bum-bum." get home. we bust out the bath and bedtime fast. they were exhausted after the fun dinner. needless to say, asleep kids = "i love the night life. i love to boogie." so we are at the pool. drew pops open an expensive bottle of the finest champagne and pours us all a drink. i'd have to say, that this was definitely our drunken debauchery night. i really wish i had more pictures so that i can remember all the fun shiznit that went down. for example, bo-bo jumped off the balcony and into the pool. peer pressure is a bitch. also, everyone was scheming and trying to knock everyone else into the pool. no one was safe. and that my friend is why i stayed in the pool all night.lastly, some of the highlights of the night include, but are not limited to: jay pushing (beyond drunk) tre into the pool. and yes, his rum and coke included. not good, but hilarious. i can still visualize it, and it makes me laugh so hard. it looked like tre was walking on water. i think we should give him the nickname of jesus christ. again, it was hysterical. then, tony and haswell sneaked up behind karmie while she was still sitting in her chair, picked her up (yes, said chair and pretty dress included) and dumped her into the pool as well. did i mention no one was safe? then the guys frantically searched for stinky. once he was found, into the pool he went too. we stayed out there until the wee hours of the morning, and some ended out on the beach. also, as haswell was walking back from the beach (inebriated of course), he walked straight into the pool. now that some good stuff. what's even funnier was when the housekeeper/mail order bride came to chlorinate the pool the next morning, she asked how long the pool looked like beer. classic. day 5 was a pleasant little surprise.