Saturday, September 26, 2009

frat beach bash: last and final day

so everyone has been raving about how great the "tacky jack's" restaurant is. said they had the biggest and best pancakes and breakfast food ever. they were right. we got there and ordered the mabster a pancake. it was bigger than the plate and twice the size of her head. once the waitress brought out her food, this is what she did. yup. started nibbling around the sides. we were impressed with her "go to" attitude. yummo.after breakfast, we enjoyed our last day at the beach splashing in the ocean. the girls enjoyed laying out, and toshy played with her tita karmie while in the sand. also, the mabster was obsessed with finding what she called "the butterfly seashells."uncle tony and daddy taught the mabster how to boogie-board on top of the waves. she loved every minute of it and kept wanting more. they even attempted to teach toshy. kidding. totally kidding. but cute pic, right? jay also let the mabster sit on top of the board while he ran around pulling her. here are some pics.also, bates buried the mabster in the sand. she thought it was hilarious, and admittedly, i love the picture of her little head poking out. i love that damn kid. later, it was bates' turn. silly monkeys.