Saturday, September 26, 2009

frat beach bash: last and final night

i've decided that our last night deserved a special blog post all it's own. so here it is. the guys went deep sea fishing earlier that day. for dinner, the "sunset" side cooked their catches, and both sides had a fish fry for the night where everyone shared. the food was scrumptiously delicious. we ate crab cakes, boiled shrimp, fish, fried crab claws, dirty rice, and french fries. my favorite was the crab cakes. they were money.also, we took a picture of the responsible civilized group (minus a few others) that we roomed with during our stay. the two sides of the house were like night and day. seriously. in our house, we partied with our kids and played battleship during most of the night. we consisted of doctors (luckily, one was a pediatrician), nurses, pharmaceutical rep, teacher, an almost lawyer, computer programmer, banker, and an engineer. i'd like to think that we are all settled and on the right path.

with that said, the other side? that's where the dirty rockstars resided. we heard about so much drama that happened within those walls and were floored. some stories were hilarious while others were mouth dropping bad. ay yi yi! also, one of jay's pledge brothers who we haven't seen in years came over to visit for a few hours that night. bowdoin brought his wife and kids, and we all reminisced about our past experiences during college. here is a picture of them while we enjoyed our laid back time that night, "sunset" side was going buck wild. there is a door between the two parts of the house that allow us to run back and forth inside. we'd here yells of singing, go over to check it out, maybe take a couple of shots with everyone, and then run back over to our mildly tame den. it was great. we got to enjoy both sides of what was going on.lastly, jay set up his tripod and camera outside so that we could get a huge group picture. we told everyone to head out to the balcony and stairs so that we could get the whole "animal house" look of it all. i mean after all, this was the first annual frat beach bash and it was EPIC. the guys even want to make t-shirts of the event. love it. all around, the vacation was nothing short of stellar. quality family time by day, and rowdy adult time at night. can't get much better than that!


Katie & Frank said...

So fun!! I hope we'll be able to participate next year!

Yankee Belle said...

Glad you had a great time. EVen more glad you are finally home.