Friday, September 11, 2009

funko bunco!

tonight marked our monthly meet up for bunco. most of the originals were able to play with just a few subs so it was pretty darn fun. lynda hosted it at her house this month which deemed apropriate since it was her birthday and stacy surprised her with a birthday cheesecake. we thought it'd be funny to put the candles "21" on top of it, however during the car ride to her house, the one fell behind stacy's seat. "21" soon turned into "2" and we thought it was just as cute. we sang happy birthday and all. here are some pics...we chatted for about 2 hours before we even sat down to play. we all talked about our upcoming girl's trip to new orleans and how stoked everyone is about it since our native shannon will be showing us around and booked the hot spots. in all honesty, we really enjoy our bunco nights for the girlie chatter more than actually playing. plus, the monetary winnings are always a pleasant bonus. there were roll offs in each category, and the winners were named. i was one of them and was so incredibly happy. stacy won the biggest winner, i was the biggest loser, and becca won for the most buncos. here's our celebratory picture...towards the end of the night, we all sat down and everyone claimed a month in which they would host bunco for the upcoming year. we want to keep this tradition going since we love it so much. lastly, it felt so damn good to ride home in the winner's bus with stacy this month since the last time we played, it was karla and i in the bitter loser's bus. good things come to those who wait, eh? good times, good times.