Wednesday, September 2, 2009

genius vs. ocd

i believe i have posted something like this before, but with different pics at the time. well, it looks like my kid is not outgrowing this strange course of action. instead, now she gets highly irritated if you mess up her organizational skills. see the picture of her clothes neatly laid out on the floor? yeah, that's her definition of helping mommy with the laundry. it drives me insane. with that said, should i contact Mensa to test my kid's genius IQ? or contact her pediatrician for early onset of OCD? hmmm...


Anonymous said...

hmmm??? im not sure what to tell you other than its pretty stinkin cute!!


Jess said...

That is way too cute! I am lovin the clothes on the floor.

Karla said...

I say she's a genius like her Tita Karla. ;)

Kim said...

that MUST be it, karla maria!!

Robert said...

it sounds more like autism to me than genius

Anonymous said...

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