Wednesday, September 16, 2009

kids gym

today the girls started their class at kids gym. it was the first time for both of them to ever experience the glorious place, and boy, did they have a ball! the mabster was every where. i mean, every.where. thank god the place is nothing but a huge padded room with a gazillion things to do because i couldn't keep my eye on her long enough until she was running on to the next thing. toshy enjoyed it too. she loved playing in the ball pit with cousin carson and kolee-brooke. they also enjoyed sitting on the trampoline as the mabster jumped them up and down. crack the egg, anyone? here are some pics...also, the mabster learned how to do a somersault today while at the gym with miss wendy. as soon as daddy got home, the mabster proudly announced that she can do one "all by myself." she has continued to flip around all night. she does not care if anything is in her way either. watch out, coffee table! daddy and i think it's hilarious. overall, it was fun experience, and we can't wait for next week's class.

after class was over with, we all met up for an impromptu lunch at olive garden to surprise christi for her birthday. she thought she was just meeting up with stacy so when she turned the corner, and we all yelled, "surprise!," it was pretty funny. her exact words, "awww, i should have worn make-up." love it. it was a great lunch with great friends. on the car ride home, the mabster told me that, "we forgot to sing happy birthday to miss christi at her birthday party." HA! maybe next time, mabster. but good observance. happy sweet 16, christi!