Sunday, September 6, 2009

labor day weekend

sunday morning, we wake up at the lakehouse. we drove up right after the football game on saturday and spent the night. lola, the whole mitchelle family, auntie jess, and blake were all there too. it was hilarious listening to lola and mitchelle trash talk football to each other all day. even funnier that we caught them hugging each other twice. we played out on the water most of the day, and then came in to watch the kids play and blow some bubbles in the sunroom. pawpaw just finished carpeting the place, and the kids LOVE it. it's the perfect little playroom now with no wood chippings in sight. awesome job, pawpaw! later in the day, jay grilled out some steaks and all the fixings for us, and it was delicioso! here are some pics...okay. now this is the part that starts to get fuzzy. after dinner, jay made stacy and i some pitchers of his homemade margaritas. he was definitely in frat boy mode and had made them super stout. our glass was never half empty too by the way. and *that* is why i married a frat boy. :) anyway. we're feeling really good and just being plain silly. so stacy and i are camped beside each other on the love seat and see the computer nearby. what's a girl to do? drunk facebook much? and that we did. i logged in under stacy's account and went on a posting frenzy to some of our mutual friends. the rest was history. i apologize if you received a post on your wall that made no sense whatsoever. it was a good idea at the time. i heart you, yankee belle.