Tuesday, September 1, 2009

movie review: My Sister's Keeper

tonight, the girls and i met up for book club/movie night. we all ate dinner at costa's mediterranean and then proceeded to the dollar theater close by. we talked about the book both before and after watching the movie so everyone was pretty much shocked as to how different the ending was. i don't want to reveal anything so that's all i will say. i will say this though, i really liked it.

it portrays how a family functions with all its frailty and strength when a dying member is about to pass. that overall, we should recognize when death is appropriate and learn to finally "let go." it was a real tear-jerker, i'm not going to lie. i think cancer is the worst, most unfair way of dying ever. to watch it take over anyone is sad. but to see it in a kid (and your very own) is devastating. augh. i still can't shake this emotional baggage that i have carried home with me. the movie makes you think. and i am grateful for that, although i am willing to admit that i can no longer take another depressive chick flick. back to watching mamma mia this week...that movie makes me giddy. someone better pick out a happy go-lucky chick flick next month, or i'm gonna be a basketcase. great movie, nonetheless.