Tuesday, September 29, 2009


toshy detests getting her diaper changed. really, though, i don’t know many one-year-olds who do like to lie calmly on a changing table while a large adult cuffs their ankles to lift with one hand while efficiently swiping their bum-bum with cold clammy wipes with the other.

and the kid poops a lot, i kid you not. i could feed her nothing but dry crackers and bananas for days at a time, and she would still manage to squeeze out a huge poop. she gets it honest though. just ask her daddy. also, i do understand that what goes in must come out, and often not looking much different from how it went in in the first place. odd, no?

but back to the changing table drama. so i lie her down. she rolls over. i flip her back over and start to take off the diaper. she then proceeds to buck her body all while landing her foot right in the slime. then she kicks me in the face, all the while howling like it’s her that’s suffering. it takes me five minutes of wrestling just to get her clean - forget actually getting another diaper on. i have resorted to literally crawling behind her on the floor, stretching the velcro tabs around her belly while trying to hold the front in place with the other hand. good lord. i think wrestling an alligator could possibly be easier. cooperate little lady. is that too much to ask?


Hill Family said...

LOL!!!! That is soooo funny.