Monday, September 7, 2009

shrimp boil on labor day

finally. a perfect day with not one drop of rain in sight. labor day was here along with some of our great friends who actually enjoy playing out on the lake as much as we do. we swam and floated in the water for hours with no one ever going up to use the bathroom, yet we've been drinking all day. funny how that is, right? hmmm. so we take the kids tubing along with their willing parents and just enjoy playing around. also, mad props to christi for this being her very first time to leave savannah for the day with her mother. she pumped and dumped in the back room and even went tubing. that's pretty darn awesome if you ask me. isn't friendship beautiful?jay had a shrimp boil cooking, and everyone brought up their usual side dish that they are famous for. we knew that most likely this might be our last time to enjoy the lake since football season has now started. we wanted to go out with a bang. i believe we did. there's nothing better than a huge feast with friends that care the most. awesome shrimp boil, jay. it was SO yummy!after eating, everyone hung out for a bit longer. the sunroom was definitely the hot spot for the day. it is just a nice feeling being surrounded by the greenery of the leaves and the lake minus the annoying bugs buzzing around. we drove home that night with both girls passed out the whole way. i've never been so completely and utterly exhausted and happy at the same time. so thank you guys for sharing our last lake weekend with us. ya'll made it more than memorable, and we love you for it! XOXO