Saturday, September 19, 2009


a few weeks ago after being at the lake all weekend, tita karmie asked the mabster if she wanted to go home with her, spend the night, and have a slumber party at tita karmie's house. of course the mabster was so excited, she ran and jumped in her car before we could say goodbye. that night, they went to the movies together and saw "night at the museum" and ate a whole bag of popcorn together.

the next morning, tita karmie took the mabster to the bass pro shop to look at the fishies and the fake big bear. after wards, they went out for some ice cream, and then tita karmie brought her back home. the sweetest thing ever though was when they both walked through the door in near matching outfits. tita karmie said it wasn't purposely planned, but thought it was hilarious once she realized it. i am so glad the mabster has awesome involved titas/aunties in her life. this is what makes memories so special. thank you, tita karmie. we love you! xoxo


Heather S. said...

I think my kids need a Tita Karmie. She may be the best/coolest aunt ever.