Thursday, September 3, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) the first uab home game of the season is this saturday, and we couldn't be any more excited about it. tailgating, bratwursts, cornhole games, friends and family, cold drinks, and hopefully sunshine. need i say more?

2.) i've made dentists appointments for both the mabster and daddy today. it's just a standard clean up, but it will the mabster's first experience. i am so nervous as to how she is going to act. maybe they will give ME some gas...

3.) the "frat beach bash 09" is fast approaching. within the next couple of weeks, we are taking a family vacation with all of our college friends for a whole week! some have small kids of their own, and the rest are single, dating, or married. we have rented out 2 neighboring beach houses, and i have a feeling that it's going to be pure madness. i am beyond enraptured just thinking about it.

4.) a clean house before a busy weekend makes me feel rejuvenated. it won't last long, but i am cherishing it now.

5.) the mabster claims that, "after she turns 3, she will be 5." i asked her what about 4? she seems to think she can just skip an age if she doesn't like it. i completely understand, my dear child.

6.) while at the gym this week, stacy and i did some cardio and then headed to the basketball court for a friendly game of "H-O-R-S-E." it made me realize how much i miss playing that damn sport. i would SO love to play in a league...but only if everyone else sucks. hehe.

7.) we're headed to the lake this labor day weekend with a few of our closest friends. jay plans on having a shrimp boil, and i plan on having a margarita.

8.) laundry - 0, kim - 1

9.) at the lakehouse last weekend, cousin carson went around saying, "uh oh" every 5 seconds. the mabster loves it and is now trying to get baby sister to say it. all i hear is, "say uh-oh, lyla bug, say uh-oh." it's pretty darn cute.

10.) last sunday/monday, tita karmie took the mabster home with her and pretty much spoiled her rotten. this comment deserves a complete blog post in itself. to be continued...

11.) as a souvenir from our family ski trip a couple of years ago, we bought a wooden bear from breckenridge and named him, "breck." he stands in the corner beside our fireplace, and toshy absolutely loves to pull up on him and put her nose to his. sweet mess.

12.) the other night, i was walking around target to grab a quick few things when i became a victim of a scavenger hunt for a local church since i was wearing green. they asked me some questions and then next thing i know, a herd of people are circled around me and praying. i was fuh-reaked out. never have i ever had that happen to me. i'm not trying to knock anyone's religion, but it was bizarre. don't drink the kool-aid.

and lastly,

13.) next week starts dance class and school for the mabster, as well as kids gym for toshy. busy, busy, busy...


Hill Family said...

That's too funny - anytime you ask LM how old he is he answers "Turning 5" - apparantly we are skipping 3 and 4 :)

Kim said...

awwww, too cute!