Thursday, September 10, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) today the mabster starts back at school. she is super excited, but admittedly, i believe mommy is even more. routine is back. thank you sweet baby jesus!

2.) yesterday the mabster saw a picture of jay and i when we were in las vegas. she looked at it and said, "look mommy, that's when you went without me." i smiled and said, "yes sweetie, it is. that was before babies when life was easy." then she said, "i want to go." i told her to "talk to daddy." vegas, anyone?

3.) i was a productively productive product yesterday. among many things, i cleaned big bertha. the broad was beyond filthy after the busy weekend. i swear i have never sucked out so much grass clippings, cheese-its, and raisins from the floorboard in all of my life. damn it's good to see her "so fresh and so clean" again.

4.) i LOVE watching the mabster and toshy hug each other. especially when they do, and toshy starts patting her big sister's back. it is seriously so.stinkin.cute.

5.) you know how some people can shotgun a beer can in seconds? yeah, that's toshy comparable to a juice box. she's got some mad skills.

6.) bunco is tomorrow night, and of course, i am super excited. let the games begin! gotta love friday night-girl's night!

7.) uab has another home football game this weekend. we play SMU and kickoff is again at 3:00pm. hopefully it won't rain again this saturday so that we can tailgate with some tvs and watch the other games as well. yay for tailgating!

8.) jay cracks me up with his fantasy football. in fact, men in general crack me up about this. it is amazing how serious they are when it comes to their sports.

9.) my kid's obsession with dance class is in full force again. last night, she wanted to sleep in her full get-up of leotards, tutu, and yes, even her ballet shoes. no doubt, she's a rockin' lil ballerina who needs some intervention.

10.) i am looking forward to so many things right now that it keeps me awake at night. these upcoming months are going to be crazy busy, but super fun nonetheless. bring it.

11.) dear sleep, why have you forsaken me? i need you desperately. i believe that we could make it together for a whole week if my kids and hubby allowed it. one fine day, you will be mine again. i miss you. love, ~K

12.) the mabster is a little sassafras right now. as of late, she has begun starting her sentences with, "well actually..." as she places her hands on her hips. god help her future husband.

and lastly,

13.) i am SO ready for the fall weather to get here. i am ready to bust out the long sleeve t-shirts with shorts and flip-flops. i am ready for park playdates with the highs in the 70s. i am ready.