Thursday, September 17, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) when jay comes home after jiu jitsu, he flexes his arms and asks the mabster, "hey abby, what are these?" she says, "guns." then he says, "and what am i gonna do if a boy tries to kiss you." she says, "put him in a triangle." oh dear lord.

2.) FRAT BEACH BASH 2K9, FRAT BEACH BASH 2K9, FRAT BEACH BASH 2K9!!!!!!! (can you feel the excitement?? this is me doing a back flip...)

3.) i'll have you all know that my kid can organize zapatos better than imelda marcos. no lie. again, mensa or ocd?

4.) tonight is girl's night at superior grill in honor of all the birthdays in both august and september. i believe there are 7 lucky ladies who get to don the birthday glasses for the night. woohoo! color me excited.

5.) let's talk about idiots, shall we? kanye. making an arse out of himself during taylor's acceptance speech on the VMAs. is it bad that i got such immense pleasure that every time his name was spoken, the crowd booed. douche bag. and then when beyonce won and called up taylor to finish her acceptance speech. class act. loves me some beyonce.

6.) speaking of the VMAs...i knew lady gaga was nucking futs the first time i saw her perform when she opened for NKOTB. first impressions are everything. mine are always right.

7.) speaking of lady gaga. auntie jess called the other day with a joke that her 5th grader told her. goes little like this. Q: how do you wake up lady gaga? A: poker (poke her) face. the kid is brilliant.

7.) since we'll be out of town next weekend, we'll be missing the trifecta birthday weekend that's taking place on friday, saturday, and sunday. so i'll say it now...happy birthday bridgette, ava, and alex! hope you guys have a blast!

8.) every time the mabster sees the commercial for the "swim to me puppy," she goes nutso. maybe we'll surprise her and get her one before we leave for the beach. that way, she can play with the thing all day in the pool.

9.) yes, youngest child, i enjoy listening to your screaming attempts of singing while playing with your music box. you read my mind. this headache thanks you.

10.) here is the quote of the week brought to you by the mabster: "i think baby sister should be a juice box for halloween." pretty clever, i must say.

11.) the other night i was working out when jay called me. i quickly grabbed the phone to answer it while trying to maintain balance and speed. the first words out of his mouth were, "guess who died?" i about fell off the damn cybex machine in a state of panic. then he told me it was patrick swayze. so sad. my next karaoke attempt will be dedicated to him in his honor. "she's like the wind." my all time favorite.

12.) sorority rush was last weekend, and a younger friend of ours told me on facebook that... "Do you realize that the 'alpha love' hand sign that you and Karla came up with is a nation-wide phenomenon now?" no, i didn't. but now i can die knowing i have made a difference in this world. how awesome is that!?

and lastly,

13.) a few of my favorite things #731: when the mabster refuses to flush the toilet after she #2s because she wants to save it. to show daddy. 6 hours later. when he gets home. nice.