Thursday, October 1, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) tonight UAB has a home game versus southern miss at 7:00pm. it's also the chili cook-off competition. i think it will be a wonderful cool autumn night to partake in some chili while at the tailgate. yummy.

2.) i got a card in the mail the other day, and the mabster asked who was it from as she wanted to look at it. as i replied back and handed it to her, she said (without skipping a beat), "awww. well that was sweet of her. i love it." HA!

3.) twitter. i signed up what feels like forever ago when everyone was hardcore into plurk. i thought it was pointless and boring. but now that i am getting emails saying "xyz is now following you," it makes me i really need another time suck? signs point to not good.

4.) i LOVE this cool crisp fall weather. *swoon* there's nothing better than jay grilling out and us eating on the back porch while watching the kids jump on the trampoline. it's good for the soul.

5.) as of sunday night, i came down with one fierce sickness. not sure what i had, but i thought i was dying. i felt like i had been hit by a bus. because of this illness, the girls and i have been on lock down all week. i swear i held down the couch for the first 2 days. it was much needed.

6.) finally, i mustered up enough energy to drag myself to the doctor. i got a steroid and antibiotic shot in the arse, as well as some tamiflu and a z-pack. i feel like a brand new woman. and this my friend is why western medicine is one of God's many ways of saying, "i love you."

7.) with that said, i'd like to take the time to show appreciation to my hubster for the numerous back rubs till i fell asleep and for skipping jiu jitsu last night in order to take care of me and the girls. you are always so good to us. we love you.

8.) little toshy likes to feed me whatever she is eating. for example, if she is eating a bag of pretzels, she expects me to open my mouth and eat it when she tries to shovel drive it down my face. i usually partake in the fun, but earlier this week i refused since i was sick and didn't want to share my germs. i have never seen her get so pissed off at me. i am fairly sure that my rejection almost gave her a tiny aneurysm.

9.) rule of life #482: squash casserole can cure all ailments.

10.) this weekend marks our girl's trip to n'awlins. we are all beyond stoked about it considering this trip was planned almost a year ago. we are leaving early friday morning in preparation of brenda's bachelorette party. yes, you've heard correctly. she never had one so being the good friends we are, we feel she deserves one now. oh. it's gonna be sultry.

11.) and by sultry, i mean free drinks by old men. work the white veil, madonna. work it!

12.) i am leaving jay and the girls with a spotless immaculate house this weekend...wonder what it will look like once i return?

and lastly,

13.) the mabster is in the "i will wear what i want" phase right now. this includes blue pants with a red skirt and a striped shirt accessorized with a butterfly lunch pack around her neck and high heels. to the grocery store. yup. that's my kid.