Saturday, September 12, 2009


saturday was a beautiful day for tailgating and football. we got the girls ready and headed to the tailgate around 1:00pm. UAB was scheduled to play SMU and kickoff was at 3:00pm. as soon as we got to the tailgate, the mabster saw the blazer bounce house and went cuh-razy. she was so excited that it was finally up since last weekend the rain kept it away. no sooner than jay and i could get our coolers and chairs out, the mabster had headed in that direction with uncle tony. she loves that man. here are some pics of the kids jumping around in the bounce house. i love the last one of the mabster holding hands with cousin we're all having a good time at the blazer village when we run into the b'ham firemen, blaze the dragon, smokey the bear, and sparky the dog. of course, karla and i could not resist this photo op. i mean, seriously...this was good stuff. later, the captain fireman gave the kids a little red firetruck, and they were all very happy. we also ran into the "uab candyman" who passed out suckers to all the kids. i think us parents are the real suckers though because once toshy got a hold of one, every thing about her turned sticky.we walked back to the greenbacker's tailgate where we all sat in the shade, watched the other games on tv, and let the kiddos play together. it was so funny watching everyone share each other's snacks and juice boxes. a parent can never be too prepared.the game is about to start, and tony informs us that he got us all free sky box tickets through the company that he works for. score! it was awesome. we rode the elevator up, walked in with all the kids in tow, and sat in the best seats in the house. they served chicken wings, pasta salad, sammies, veggies, popcorn, and hot dogs all throughout the game. it was perfect. the kids were contained and constantly snacked while we enjoyed the view and cheered our hearts out. it was a good game, and surprisingly, the kids lasted the entire time. double score. so thank you to the ceasar family for letting us benefit from ya'lls connections. we (kiddos included) seriously enjoyed being spoiled like that. ya'll are awesome!


Seis said...

I wish you would have called me and told me Smoky hte Bear was going to be there. Henry and Finn are obsessed with Smoky.

Kim said...

awww, i didn't know that. well next time smokey the bear is there, i will definitely give you guys a call asap!