Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy halloween!!

halloween started off excellent. we met up with some friends and watched the parade in crestline at 4:00pm. this was our first year to experience it, and we will definitely be back. they had a ton of floats that threw out halloween beads with bats and pumpkins on them, as well as candy, moon pies, and even t-shirts. the girls loved it, and i loved watching the mabster run to pick up all the goodies that were landing towards her. it was her first parade experience, and it was a lot of fun. here are some pics.after the parade was over, we walked to the nearby playground. we let the kids run around and burn off some energy as we made our drinks and ate some yummy zoes. you know it's going to be a good night when it starts off with a parade and a picnic in the park. here are some after we all finish eating dinner, we all walk back to our cars to replenish our "drinks" (ya know, the kind that keep you oh-so warm and fuzzy on such a cold night). we make sure we have all the essentials that are needed for proper halloween trick-or-treating, and i snap a quick group picture minus a few others. so on to the strip of houses that decorated like mad with tailgate tents, scary lighting and effects, live music, and haunted tunnels. it was awesome. now *this* is what trick-or-treating is suppose to be we let the kids trick-or-treat until the sun went down and everyone was exhausted (us included). i loved the fact that a lot of the houses handed out glowsticks with candy. the mabster loved wearing her neon necklace, and toshy cuddled up with tita karmie. during our trick-or-treating festivities, lola called and told us that they were back from the auburn game already and that papaw wanted to see the kids in their costumes. we decided it was a good idea to end the trick-or-treating for the night since the girls had already racked up on more than enough halloween candy.the above picture is of the mabster showing me how much candy she received. she was so utterly cute to watch as she'd walk up to each house, say "trick or treat" and then "thank you." not to mention, that she was SO happy when she got a pack of skittles. all i heard all night was, "mommy, i got some skittles!" also, i couldn't help but notice how erect and upright her bumble bee antennas were at the start of the night, and as it progressed, they were nothing more than some droopy sticks. love it.

so as soon as we get into the car at around 8:00pm, both girls PASS.OUT. we lug them into lola and pawpaw's house where we all eat a warm cooked meal and talk about the day. it was the perfect ending to a slam-packed crazy busy FUN day. i am not kidding when i say that i am ready to do it all over again. hope everyone had an awesome halloween weekend!(disclaimer: before we left lola and pawpaw's house, tita karmie put on her halloween costume for brand and lisa's party that she was attending. she couldn't wait to show me, and for good was fan-freakin-tastic. she dressed up as "saint clare of assisi (the patron saint of television)." this is no joke. seriously. google it. there really is a patron saint of the TV. i swear my older sister is brilliant. only a mind like hers can come up with this shiznit. again, it's cool if you're catholic. we appreciate the humor of our own religion. god bless you DVR.)

happy birthday, braydon!

saturday morning, we drove to pump it up in pelham in honor of braydon's birthday party. the party was held from 10:00 - 12:00pm, and i swear this place is always a good time for the whole family. i think jay enjoys jumping around in the huge inflatables just as much as the kids do. here is a picture of the mabster and daddy. see that big blur? yeah, that's daddy doing flips like the goober he is. also, daddy took toshy down the slide with him, and every time they reached the bottom, her face would turn into the biggest smile ever. later, toshy pushed the mabster in the car, and then they pounced on each other while on the pads. i love those silly once our playtime was over with, we all headed into the birthday boy's designated room for some cake and ice cream. we all sang happy birthday and watched as braydon blew out his candle on his awesome dinosaur cake. later, he opened his presents as some of his friends gathered around. happy birthday, braydon!

Friday, October 30, 2009

halloween baby shower

friday night, karla maria and i headed to our dear friend laura's baby shower. we all went to st. barnabas and nursing school together so we go way back. more importantly, laura was my nurse who helped delivered the mabster for me. words cannot express how awesome she made my first birth experience. laura is also a member of my moms group, and when welcoming her to the group, i think lisette put it nicely when she said, "we have to welcome anyone that has seen a fellow members "jibbly bits." it's the truth, right? nice. where was i?

so the invitation called for us to dress up as a famous mother. i was quite impressed with the creativity behind some of the costumes. here is a picture of us. karla maria dressed up as florence nightingale and i was mother teresa. can i just say that only Catholics themselves are allowed to dress up as their own...because if we do, it's not sacrilegious, but awesome. here's a picture. note the rosary.this next picture is of britney spears (bald britney at best) and peggy bundy. seriously? i am almost jealous that i did not think of these...OH. and look in the far left side of the pic...see the girl in all black sitting down? yeah, she was mama fratelli off the goonies. again, greatness.this next picture is of mama mia (again, jealous) and mother nature with the guest of honor. please notice that emma cate sported the pumpkin all night as well. too cute.also, here's a picture of old mother hubbard. she actually had a dog bone hanging around her neck. i hope to still be that witty at that age. beside her is carol brady (laura's mom).overall, it was a great baby shower. we played games, tasted baby food (which btw, i got all of them correct just by looking at the jar), and chatted with laura and the family for a good bit. we even busted out the "SBS, go fight, win! goooo raiders!" chant for old times sake. it was great. nonetheless, we can't wait to meet emma cate when she makes her big entrance into this world, and we know big brother will be just as excited!

fall playdate

friday, we hopped, skipped, and jumped over to YB's house for an impromptu fall playdate. since the weather was so nice and unseasonably warm, the mabster and toshy had a great time playing with the leaves and bouncing around on the trampoline. this playdate was especially fun for the mommies too considering half of them didn't have their kids since they were in school. we had a lot to catch up on and compare notes with as we all sat on the back porch while watching the kids play below. overall, it was a great day to be outside. thanks for having us, YB!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

carving pumpkins

tonight was a family night filled with a teamwork process of carving pumpkins. daddy gutted the pumpkins, or to put it nicely, cleaned them out with the help of the girls. actually, i wouldn't label it "help" since toshy sat there and the mabster squealed the whole time at how gooey the inside of the pumpkins were. nonetheless, they all enjoyed it. here they are on the back porch getting their hands for years, we have this process down. jay always "guts" the pumpkins while i "cut" them. i tend to be a bit OCD at times and like things done my way. so i encourage (or beg) jay to clean my pumpkin out for me so that i can cut out my desired design. the mabster hangs out beside me, and i give her a pen. she starts to stencil in what she wants her pumpkin to look like. it was a mess. so i ask her if she thinks her pumpkin should have triangles or circles for eyes. she chose triangles. same question for the nose. she chose a circle. so on and so forth. we get started on hers, and it was quick and easy.

soon after, i am hard at work and focused on cutting out a "lil boogaboo" monster for toshy's pumpkin. my hand is still aching. i almost forgot how tedious carving pumpkins is. with that said, it was totally worth it, and we were all proud of how they turned out. yay for family time and carved pumpkins!

school halloween party

the mabster had her first ever school halloween party today with ms. lisa and her classmates. of course i was there to snag a couple of pics and document the fine affair. she dressed up in her bumble bee costume, and all the munchkins looked adorable. ms. lisa read them a spooky "little bill" story, then they had some snacks and treats, and sang some songs. as school ended, everyone received a halloween cup with a bunch of fun treats inside. i'd like to personally thank whoever stuck the whistle/straw in there...yeah, that was definitely mommy's favorite on the car ride home. hehe. here are some pics...

thursday's thirteen

1.) confession: when jay and i were younger, we blew our money like it was monopoly play cash. if we wanted something, it was ours. no matter what the price tag. we were idiots. but now with this crippling economy, we've buckled down. we've saved. we've paid off credit cards that i thought would never go away. and now. now we're walking around like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. *sigh* damn, this feels good.

2.) our halloween festivities begin tomorrow at the mabster's big girl school. they are having their class halloween party where they get to dress up in their costumes and sing songs and the such. can't wait. kids really make the holidays fan-freakin-tastic.

3.) note to self: don't bother fussing over a shower before taking the girls to "kids gym." they will bathe us in bubbles anyway. score.

4.) with all the talk on the message board about everyone's favorite scary movie, i am itching to rent one and have a frightfully good time clenching on to hubster after the munchkins are asleep. maybe some old school stephen king's "IT" and "Pet Cemetery." eek!!

5.) friday night, i'm attending a friend's baby shower. of course it is halloween themed (i love themes), and we are encouraged to dress up as a famous mother. i have a white sheet. therefore, i'm claiming easy and going as mother teresa. shut your mouth. of course, i can pull off being mother teresa.

6.) saturday is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN. we have a birthday party to attend that morning, and then on to the night's events. even if it rains, it will not stop our trick-or-treating with a heapful of fun friends.

7.) so jay surprised me with my own iphone earlier this week. still learning the ropes of the thing, but i lurve it. i mean, lurve it. quick internet within my fingertips every second of the day? it's all too much. but i'll take it! now for some apps...

8.) i am fairly certain that someone slipped my toshy some crack the other night. she refused to go to bed at her normal bedtime, and all she wanted to do was babble uncontrollably and shake her head at me. she was so intent and swears that she was telling me something. i love this age. seriously.

9.) these next 4 comments are some samples of my twitter statuses simply because i don't have enough time to think right now. enjoy. running in the rain with 2 kids in tow. this too shall pass.

10.) (in reference to mayor langford) "the world is mad and they want to take it out on someone." really, LaLa? seriously? go find your unicorn. and wow. a hitler comparison. shame on you. why am i still watching this?

11.) two words: cybex elliptical. i can hear me swearing already.

12.) two blowouts and 2 baths before nap time? (insert sarcasm here) sweet child, you are too good to me!

and lastly.

13.) i need to purchase a 2010 calendar before this motivational mojo wears off. so much to look forward to. SO.MUCH. such a planner, am i.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

wordless wednesday

Saturday, October 24, 2009

halloween supper club

saturday night, we ship the girls off to spend the night at lola and pawpaw's house. after the bad day i was having, i was ready to be kidless and throw the law right back at murphy. i believe i was drinking before 1:00pm because my twitter status read, "i'm just going to put it out there now. if i die in the next 24 hours, my toxicology report isn't going to be within normal limits." for you see, it was our month to host supper club at our house, and i've been pumped up for this weekend for weeks.

okay so before i go any further, i must give all credit to karmie for the most awesome halloween costume idea ever. one night we all received a text message from her explaining what we should be and how we need to pull it off. we took notes. and we ran with it. here we are...

"jon and kate plus 8...minus 6"

admittedly, the guys pulled it off nicely. jay was the sexiest bitchiest "kate gosselin" i've ever seen. he rocked the reverse mullet better than kate ever has on a good hair day. even the sunglasses, dangling earrings (clip-ons, of course), laced blouse, and hairy cleavage was enough to make me feel awkward kissing him that night. tre was the best skeeziest middle-aged "jon gosselin" i've ever laid my eyes upon too. he rocked the gelled up hair tips, diamond stud earrings in both ears, and donned the typical john hardy t-shirt with some ragged jeans. it was awesome. karla and i were "cara and mady" (the two oldest kids on the show), and it was pretty easy pulling off being twins considering we are. appropriate, no? together, we were the perfect gosselin trainwreck. explore the pics for yourself. i'll wait.are you done laughing yet? neither am i. (pause and recoup) so everyone arrives with a scary named side dish and or/dessert. the main dish of the night was provided by us. we called it "brains in a bucket," but it was actually just taco soup. simple and easy to feed the masses. others brought some creepy cornbread, very horrifying broccoli, cheese, & rice casserole, creepy deviled eyeballs, bones dipped in a dip that's gooey and tastes like chicken, and some ooey gooey terrifying cheesecake. bet your mouth is watering, right? here are some pics of us eating, drinking, and chatting it up upstairs.later in the night, the guys crept into the man cave for a game of poker. bryan ended up winning the pot and ran upstairs to shove his winnings inside poodlehead's gladiator costume. she was so proud. we all ended up downstairs to talk, cheer, and cringe while watching the UFC fight of machida vs. shogun. the conversations and commentary while muting some of the match was hilarious.overall, it was a great halloween themed supper club, and i really enjoyed looking at everyone's costumes. also, it feels really nice to be so comfortable with the company we keep now. it's amazing how a year gone by can make a world of difference when there is no longer the "getting to know you" barrier. yay for all the supper clubbers out there, we can't wait for next month's!!