Sunday, October 11, 2009

"boom, i got your boyfriend..."

so auntie jess came into town this weekend, and of course stayed with us downstairs in the "suite a la jess." as soon as she arrived on friday, the mabster ran to greet her. before long, auntie jess was reading book after book to the mabster and making silly faces together. usually when auntie jess comes into town, her boyfriend blake comes too. unfortunately, blake moved out to california last sunday because that is where he is now stationed for while in the army. it wasn't long before the mabster noticed that he wasn't there and asked auntie jess, "where is blake?" later when they were talking on the phone, the mabster also asked, "are you talking to my boyfriend?" too funny. for you see, the mabster likes to tell auntie jess that blake is her boyfriend. then they get into a hilarious discussion back and forth as each one claims him.

overall, it was a great weekend, and we love when auntie jess comes into town for a weekend visit. here are some pics of the two sillies playing in the man cave while watching football. ahhh, if only we could keep auntie jess as a live-in nanny. hehe. we love you!