Thursday, October 29, 2009

carving pumpkins

tonight was a family night filled with a teamwork process of carving pumpkins. daddy gutted the pumpkins, or to put it nicely, cleaned them out with the help of the girls. actually, i wouldn't label it "help" since toshy sat there and the mabster squealed the whole time at how gooey the inside of the pumpkins were. nonetheless, they all enjoyed it. here they are on the back porch getting their hands for years, we have this process down. jay always "guts" the pumpkins while i "cut" them. i tend to be a bit OCD at times and like things done my way. so i encourage (or beg) jay to clean my pumpkin out for me so that i can cut out my desired design. the mabster hangs out beside me, and i give her a pen. she starts to stencil in what she wants her pumpkin to look like. it was a mess. so i ask her if she thinks her pumpkin should have triangles or circles for eyes. she chose triangles. same question for the nose. she chose a circle. so on and so forth. we get started on hers, and it was quick and easy.

soon after, i am hard at work and focused on cutting out a "lil boogaboo" monster for toshy's pumpkin. my hand is still aching. i almost forgot how tedious carving pumpkins is. with that said, it was totally worth it, and we were all proud of how they turned out. yay for family time and carved pumpkins!


Laura said...

LOVE 'EM, Toshy's is super cute!

Amber said...

Love the pumpkins! I was going to carve that bugaboo too but I ran out of time!

Hill Family said...

Love family pumpkin carving night!!! We just had that at our house.
Your pumpkins are too cute!

Kim said...

thanks you guys! i'm glad ya'll liked them.