Monday, October 12, 2009


when i run errands at night or meet up with some friends for a MNO, i like to drive jay's car. i do. it's fast. it's tiny. it makes me feel carefree. i like to roll the windows down, blare the radio up, and have the wind toss around my hair.

there's no screaming kids in the backseat. no dora cartoons taking over my audio system. no animal crackers embedded in my console. no toddler asking for another piece of gum. and no one-year-old screaming in her own attempt of singing to dora. it's nice. just me. and the freedom of the road.

anyhooters. so i was driving the hubster's car the other day. it was surprisingly neat as i looked around the inside while at a red light. i looked in the back seat and saw a can of tennis balls.

then...there it was...

a bundle of white addressed envelopes.

i quickly pick them up. i gasp. surely, my responsible jay who is usually very good about doing what i tell (err, nag) him to do, did not forget to mail these envelopes out. yup. he did.

what were they you ask? ohhhh, not lyla's birthday thank you notes, but the mabster's. yup. from 3 months ago. ouch.

so after getting home and showing jay the great prize i found under his car seat, i said to him, "i'm so glad i stayed up till 2 in the morning writing these things out for you to forget...and now it's 3 months later."

he knew he was in trouble. thank god we both have a sense of humor because this is what he wrote on the back of each and every thank you note that was in that bundle...
god love him.


Yankee Belle said...

Mitchelle & J-Doug are one in the same... I think they too, are twins.

Anonymous said...

its like at school...i will not forget to mail the stuff my wife asked to mail every again (100 times on the chalkboard) hahahaha i LOVE it!

way to go jason!



Kim said...

hahaha, love it!!