Friday, October 9, 2009

date night

friday night, jay and i had a hawt date night with our bestestes in honor of mitchelle's birthday. we ate dinner at the village tavern at the summit, and of course, it was wonderful. that place will always remind me of them. the reason being is because we always seem to double date there for the special occasions in our lives. great food, great wine, and great company. always a pleasure. we love you guys, and happy birthday mitchelle!!after dinner, we headed to the nearby movie theater to watch "couples retreat." it was the movie's opening night, and you wouldn't believe how long the line was to get in. luckily, we got there early and had the best seats in the house. the movie was hilarious and SO true. i loved watching each couple and laughing because i know the type out there that was comparable to each one. the yoga scene was my favorite by far along with the comment about "sexting and twattering." how in the hell is that movie just rated pg-13 i have no idea! overall, it was a perfect night. god bless thy date night.