Sunday, October 18, 2009

the farmhouse

"Welcome this is a Farmhouse,
We have cluster flies alas..."

saturday after the halloween party, we headed straight up to the farmhouse to visit mamaw in cullman. we watched football while mamaw made us all some yummy chicken-n-dumplins. it is her staple, and we always request for it. after we played all day at the farmhouse, jay and i packed up the girls in their pajamas and drove down to the lakehouse where we spent the night. the lakehouse is only 5 minutes away so it was very convenient. i heart cullman, al.the next morning, we wake up and decide to ride on the four-wheeler to check out all the ponds. i lurve being in nature during the fall season. watching the sun glisten over the hay fields while the crisp cold air hits my face sends my senses into overdrive. it's fabulous, and the mabster always says, "let's do it again!"after wards, we all take a shower and get ready to head to the great pumpkin patch in hayden. here's a picture of lyla and cousin carson playing in the kitchen before we were about to leave. those two are pretty funny.


musicmama said...

love the phish reference ; )

Kim said...

i knew you'd enjoy that, musicmama!