Sunday, October 18, 2009

the great pumpkin patch '09

sunday around 1:00pm, we enter the great pumpkin patch. it was the perfect day for it considering finally the sun decided to come out and shine, shine, shine!! as soon as we get there, we pounce at the opportunity to take a family picture in front of the wagon and haystacks. thankfully, we arrived at the perfect time before the crowds got there. here's our we buy our tickets and barely have to wait in a line for the covered wagon to take us to the pumpkin patch. toshy bundled up with tita karmie, and lil B and the mabster enjoyed the view from outside of the wagon. they were excited to find their own special pumpkin.we unload off of the wagon, and proceed to look and examine each pumpkin. the mabster took off wih tita karmie as they walked all throughout the field. i'm fairly sure that they looked at every pumpkin till the mabster finally made her claim on one. sweet little lyla rode piggyback on daddy's shoulders, and then later, daddy let her sit on huge pumpkin. she just sat on it and didn't even budge. of course i had to take a pic with her. i love that finally the mabster decides to pick up a pumpkin while walking around with her tita karmie. we told her that she could only pick what she could carry. this rule applied to lola too. but you see, lola is smart. instead, she found a huge pumpkin and decided to roll it down the hill until it made its way to the gate. in the words of karmie via my facebook, "mom was so proud of herself for getting her pumpkin to the gate all by gravity's self. she and scrooge mcduck are my heroes. remember, work smarter not harder." it was the mabster was having difficulty carrying her prized possession, therefore, daddy ended up carrying it for her. it was funny when lola repeatedly told the mabster, "don't drop your pumpkin, pumpkin." i believe the thing was a bit too cumbersome for her own little strength. once everyone found their perfect pumpkin, we played at the hay maze while waiting for the covered wagon to take us back. overall, it was a great time spent with the ones i love.