Tuesday, October 13, 2009

guys night: poker

so during our last girls trip, we all talked about how our hubbies need to get together more often for some guy time considering we are always having our "moms night outs." this way, we have our estrogen meetings while they have their man plans. again, compromise is crucial in a healthy relationship, no?

so i tell this to jay, and he gets the ball rolling. a mass email is sent out, and bam, plans for a poker night in the man cave became a reality. the guys showed up at 6:30pm, and as i type this (some time after midnight), they are still here. the laughter and screams just keep getting louder and louder. either someone is winning big or the bags full of beer bottles i hear clashing around are runneth overeth. i am completely shocked that both the girls are sleeping through the yelps and cheers that i am hearing beneath me. they sound as giddy as a bus full of school girls.

i even stood beside the downstairs door in hopes of eavesdropping on what was going on. yeah, i'm nosey like that. for a hot minute, i heard them talking about the disgusting old men who let their droopy junk hang out all day while in the gym's locker room. i snickered to myself and thought that the conversation alone was enough to send me straight to bed. so here i lay with the mac in my lap. figured i'd blog about it because "if it's not in the blog...it didn't happen."

overall, i'm glad to know you guys are having a good time. ya'll deserve it. hope tomorrow's work day is easy on ya'll though. here's to wishful thinking!