Friday, October 30, 2009

halloween baby shower

friday night, karla maria and i headed to our dear friend laura's baby shower. we all went to st. barnabas and nursing school together so we go way back. more importantly, laura was my nurse who helped delivered the mabster for me. words cannot express how awesome she made my first birth experience. laura is also a member of my moms group, and when welcoming her to the group, i think lisette put it nicely when she said, "we have to welcome anyone that has seen a fellow members "jibbly bits." it's the truth, right? nice. where was i?

so the invitation called for us to dress up as a famous mother. i was quite impressed with the creativity behind some of the costumes. here is a picture of us. karla maria dressed up as florence nightingale and i was mother teresa. can i just say that only Catholics themselves are allowed to dress up as their own...because if we do, it's not sacrilegious, but awesome. here's a picture. note the rosary.this next picture is of britney spears (bald britney at best) and peggy bundy. seriously? i am almost jealous that i did not think of these...OH. and look in the far left side of the pic...see the girl in all black sitting down? yeah, she was mama fratelli off the goonies. again, greatness.this next picture is of mama mia (again, jealous) and mother nature with the guest of honor. please notice that emma cate sported the pumpkin all night as well. too cute.also, here's a picture of old mother hubbard. she actually had a dog bone hanging around her neck. i hope to still be that witty at that age. beside her is carol brady (laura's mom).overall, it was a great baby shower. we played games, tasted baby food (which btw, i got all of them correct just by looking at the jar), and chatted with laura and the family for a good bit. we even busted out the "SBS, go fight, win! goooo raiders!" chant for old times sake. it was great. nonetheless, we can't wait to meet emma cate when she makes her big entrance into this world, and we know big brother will be just as excited!


Amber said...

Love the outfits!! It looks like so much fun!!

Anonymous said...

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