Saturday, October 17, 2009

halloween party numero uno

saturday morning, the whole family got into costume as we headed to the moms group halloween party, the "family festival of fright." the party was from 11:00am to 1:00pm, and it was 2 hours of spooktacular fun to say the least. we rented out a church gym in vestavia (thanks to stace), and turned it into a halloween party for all ages. everyone was encouraged to dress up, and admittedly, i was pretty surprised and proud of most of the costumes that walked through the door. so we set up a bounce house, a roller coaster, a ball pit filled with candy inside an inflatable pool, and many other toys were scattered about the gym. the mabster and toshy camped out in the ball pit for a vast majority of the time. they were too cute. here are some pics.also, see ursula and king titan in this next pic? oh yeah. they were hands down my favorite costumes of the day. in fact, the whole family dressed up in theme from "the little mermaid," and i thought it was extreme awesomeness.we provided pizza, drinks, and candy while each family brought a side dish to share. everything was delicious as we all ate and played at the same time.also, heather and i were both pleasantly surprised when we discovered that we both had the same costume. i swear, she is a girl after my own heart because this is the second time we have done this without any kind of pre-planning. it's true when they say great minds think alike. i mean seriously, who can pull off flappers in fishnets better than we can? hehe.later within the party, our bunny librarian read "where the wild things are" during storytime. the kiddos loved it and all sat in the circle while she showed them the pictures on each page. everyone loved the story, and now we can't wait to see the movie.after story time, we gathered all the superheroes together for a picture with the hulk. the kidgets were SO.DAMN.CUTE. take a gander, por favor...lastly, jay set up his camera and backdrop in a side corner of the gym. kim and whitney supplied the props, and it looked great. jay took a picture of each family, as well as the infamous group pictures that we love so much. here is our family portrait for halloween 2009: a gansta, a flapper, a ladybug, and wonder woman.okay. so this picture is one of my favorites because it speaks volumes. seriously...the groom is crying while the bride doesn't even care. in fact, she's paying no attention to him while she enjoys a delicious pretzel. how stinkin' cute is that!?!now here are our group group pictures. the first one is of the moms...the RH's ROCK!! and the second one is of everyone there. overall, it was such a huge success. i swear, i am still trying to recooperate from the spooky crazy good time. thanks to everyone who came and helped. happy halloween!!