Friday, October 23, 2009

halloween playgroup

friday morning, i get the girls ready in their halloween play clothes and we head to heather's house for a fun-filled playdate. everyone brought a snack to share, and the kiddos played both inside and out. surprisingly, it was a warm beautiful day despite the forecast for rain. welcome to alabama! so the kids run outside, burn off some steam, and play on the swing set. the mabster enjoyed going down the slide while toshy played in the sandbox.later, we all came back inside and made a spooky little crafty craft. it was super easy to make and consisted of a ghost popping out of a black cup. the mabster loved making it and couldn't wait to show daddy once he got home.lastly, the girls pretended to play shopping cart as they both shared and put play food into the cart. sweet sisters. overall, it was a great playdate, and all the kiddos left with a special halloween treat put together by the hostess. thank you for having us, heather. it's always a pleasure!