Saturday, October 24, 2009

halloween supper club

saturday night, we ship the girls off to spend the night at lola and pawpaw's house. after the bad day i was having, i was ready to be kidless and throw the law right back at murphy. i believe i was drinking before 1:00pm because my twitter status read, "i'm just going to put it out there now. if i die in the next 24 hours, my toxicology report isn't going to be within normal limits." for you see, it was our month to host supper club at our house, and i've been pumped up for this weekend for weeks.

okay so before i go any further, i must give all credit to karmie for the most awesome halloween costume idea ever. one night we all received a text message from her explaining what we should be and how we need to pull it off. we took notes. and we ran with it. here we are...

"jon and kate plus 8...minus 6"

admittedly, the guys pulled it off nicely. jay was the sexiest bitchiest "kate gosselin" i've ever seen. he rocked the reverse mullet better than kate ever has on a good hair day. even the sunglasses, dangling earrings (clip-ons, of course), laced blouse, and hairy cleavage was enough to make me feel awkward kissing him that night. tre was the best skeeziest middle-aged "jon gosselin" i've ever laid my eyes upon too. he rocked the gelled up hair tips, diamond stud earrings in both ears, and donned the typical john hardy t-shirt with some ragged jeans. it was awesome. karla and i were "cara and mady" (the two oldest kids on the show), and it was pretty easy pulling off being twins considering we are. appropriate, no? together, we were the perfect gosselin trainwreck. explore the pics for yourself. i'll wait.are you done laughing yet? neither am i. (pause and recoup) so everyone arrives with a scary named side dish and or/dessert. the main dish of the night was provided by us. we called it "brains in a bucket," but it was actually just taco soup. simple and easy to feed the masses. others brought some creepy cornbread, very horrifying broccoli, cheese, & rice casserole, creepy deviled eyeballs, bones dipped in a dip that's gooey and tastes like chicken, and some ooey gooey terrifying cheesecake. bet your mouth is watering, right? here are some pics of us eating, drinking, and chatting it up upstairs.later in the night, the guys crept into the man cave for a game of poker. bryan ended up winning the pot and ran upstairs to shove his winnings inside poodlehead's gladiator costume. she was so proud. we all ended up downstairs to talk, cheer, and cringe while watching the UFC fight of machida vs. shogun. the conversations and commentary while muting some of the match was hilarious.overall, it was a great halloween themed supper club, and i really enjoyed looking at everyone's costumes. also, it feels really nice to be so comfortable with the company we keep now. it's amazing how a year gone by can make a world of difference when there is no longer the "getting to know you" barrier. yay for all the supper clubbers out there, we can't wait for next month's!!


Amber said...

Love the costumes! You guys looked great! And I can't believe I didn't know that you were a twin. I've just always thought you and your sister looked a whole lot alike but never knew you were twins. lol

Yankee Belle said...

Freaking awesome!!!!! Hate we missed it!!!!!

Kim said...

LOL. yep amber, we are twinkies! we're not identical, but we use to really look A LOT alike when we were younger.

and YB, we missed you guys MORE!!