Saturday, October 10, 2009

happy 4th birthday, lil B!!

saturday, we headed to pump it up in pelham in honor of lil B's 4th birthday celebration. the kids had a blast both big and small. unfortunately, a lot of my pictures came out blurry because everyone was zipping down the slides at a lightening speed. daddy even took both girls down the big slide with him, and they loved all the kiddos and mostly dads ran around like they were strung out on crack. it was hilarious. most of the moms just sat there watching and laughing as our oldest kid(s) enjoyed the huge inflatables. here's a picture of some of the moms. i love these ladies. our families are becoming so comfortable with seeing each other at so many different events. it feels even better knowing a fellow friend is always looking out for your kid as if she/he were their own. that's what i love about this group. good friends, indeed! here are some group shots...also, the funniest thing ever was watching jay and mitchelle go down the slide together. they are too freakin' funny. then they challenged each other to see who could go through the obstacle course the fastest. ends up, they saw each other during the run through and started wrestling each other only for jay to come flying down the slide first with mitchelle flipping down in somersaults right after him. i swear the thought of seeing it replay in my head still makes me laugh uncontrollably. needless to say at the end of the race, they were exhausted.after everyone sweated from the good time that was had at pump it up, it was time to go inside lil B's designated room for some ice cream and cake. we all sang happy birthday as we watched lil B blow out her candle. btw, props to christi who made the cake for the birthday girl. the theme was stephanie from "lazytown," and it was as delicious as it was beautiful. good job, christi, and happy birthday to my 3rd daughter!! we love you!


Jamie said...

Look at all their little red faces and sweaty heads!!! That's a fun party!

Yankee Belle said...

Now that was a party!!!