Saturday, October 31, 2009

happy birthday, braydon!

saturday morning, we drove to pump it up in pelham in honor of braydon's birthday party. the party was held from 10:00 - 12:00pm, and i swear this place is always a good time for the whole family. i think jay enjoys jumping around in the huge inflatables just as much as the kids do. here is a picture of the mabster and daddy. see that big blur? yeah, that's daddy doing flips like the goober he is. also, daddy took toshy down the slide with him, and every time they reached the bottom, her face would turn into the biggest smile ever. later, toshy pushed the mabster in the car, and then they pounced on each other while on the pads. i love those silly once our playtime was over with, we all headed into the birthday boy's designated room for some cake and ice cream. we all sang happy birthday and watched as braydon blew out his candle on his awesome dinosaur cake. later, he opened his presents as some of his friends gathered around. happy birthday, braydon!