Friday, October 23, 2009

happy birthday, mariyah!

friday night, we drove over to our nearby park in honor of mariyah's 3rd birthday celebration. it was held from 5:00-7:00pm, and again, the rain held out for us. it was seriously a gorgeous day and night. the mabster ran around while her and finn chased each other, and later, we caught them holding hands and giggling. i'd better keep my eye on those two. meanwhile, toshy enjoyed the swings and walking around with daddy.

by the way, toshy took her very first unassisted steps while at the party that night!! we were SOO proud. daddy tried to catch it on video, but instead caught her before she nosedived into the pavement. we're in trouble now! here are some pics...we all had a great time watching the kids play and talking amongst the parents. farida made the best indian cuisine ever. we were all really impressed at how yummy everything was. so we sing to the birthday girl as she watches her number three sparkler light up the night on her birthday cake. note to self: the sparkler was a super cute idea. if only i could get one from england for my birthday too. now that would be awesome. lastly, happy birthday, mariyah!