Friday, October 2, 2009

moms getaway: NOLA style

where, oh where, shall i even begin? i have been putting off this blog post because i still can't wrap my mind around all the fun that was had. okay. it's time to bite. here i go...

friday, we arrive at the historic hotel monteleone located in the french quarter. shannon reserved the hotel for us since she use to work there for 5 years and knew how close and perfect it is to bourbon street and the heart of new orleans. we check in, get unpacked, and immediately head out for some drinks. we walked next door to one bar and sat out on the beautiful patio where we enjoyed some hilarious chatter and people-watching. it was passing judgement at it's finest. we continue bar hopping during happy hour, and then find ourselves at razzoo's. always an all time favorite. they had a "3 for 1" drink special where you were given 3 drinks in one huge cup for the price of one. it was fan-freakin-tastic. i believe maggie drank a whole bottle of red wine for only $5.50. we were all oh-so very happy. and so it begins...after getting warmed up for the long night ahead, we walked back to our hotel rooms where we took showers and got ready to celebrate in honor of brenda's bachelorette blowout! we planned ahead of time to perform the traditional bachelorette/bridesmaids ritual of dressing up so that everybody with a disposable income knew that we were there to party (aka, receive free drinks from drunk old men for fun.) game on. we wore black sundresses with feather boas as the bride-to-be (ha!) wore a black and white zebra print dress with a white veil and tiara. and so the theme was set. i loves me a good theme. here we are getting ready to paint the town kidless (roar) this point, we are ready. first stop: pat o's, of course. the hurricanes were screaming our names and we were listening. we toasted each other and wondered where the night would lead us. "piss poor" is definitely not in our good time vocabulary. furthermore, are those 2 penises swimming around in my hurricane? why yes. yes, they are. no bachelorette party is going to take place without some filthy penis flair. game after enjoying some time at pat o's, we start walking to our next location. as we are walking throughout the french quarter, we pass another bar where the manager stops us. he quickly tells us that if we go inside his club, we will receive free drinks the entire time we are there. yowzas. JACK.POT. so we make a mad dash inside, and shooters are being forced all around us. who am i can't force the willing and able. admittedly, the place was dead. we didn't care. we were getting a plethora of nonstop FREE drinks. it was comparable to a damn kid in a candy store. absolute heaven. we stay there for about 2 hours or so. next thing we know, the place is packed out. they were playing the BEST songs ever as we got called up on stage numerous times only to dance like no one was watching. we were the life of that damn bar. you scratch our backs, we moan and squeal with pleasure. definitely a win-win all around.we leave said bar (which for the life of me, i have no idea what the name of it was) and start walking towards razzoo's. again. that place is a guaranteed good time. along the way, brenda received some beads. and why yes, they were earned. she's the wild one, that girl. love it. so we are getting stopped by strangers and randoms all throughout the night since a herd of 8 matching women simply screams "bachelorette bitches." so many people told brenda, "don't do it!" as she laughed and said, "i know." we died laughing every time as we responded back, "don't worry, this is her 4th marriage. this time she married for money. love and lust can't contain her." randoms would give us an inch, and we'd take a mile. every comment was so hysterically played out and nicely executed. every other bachelorette party that was there as well came up to us to congratulate brenda as well. it was like a code only written for us to understand. here are some more pics that only a few will be able to find the joy in it...overall, it was an outstanding night. i'd have to say the highlight of the night though was when stacy busted her ass infront of the bouncer at razzoo's. not just once...but twice. luckily though, she salvaged her pack of gum that flew to the floor along with her dignity. she said that after she fell for the second time in front of the same bouncer (hours after the first time) that she threw her hands up and said, "don't worry, i'm going home." hee-larious.