Saturday, October 3, 2009

n'awlins day 2

after oversleeping the next morning without the help of our little alarm clocks (and by alarm clocks, i mean kids), we wake up laughing at the events that occurred the night before. selena told us that she didn't sleep a wink since she was too scared by the thought that the hotel we were staying in was haunted. supposedly, it is true, and that ghost hunters have come to the hotel to find some strange occurrences and made a documentary. the co-workers have stories of ghosts on the top floor (which btw was where our rooms were located). selena's lack of sleep was partially to blame on stacy though. we psyched each other out before bedtime as stacy jokingly called out to the ghosts. needless to say, no girl will ever outgrow the 6th grade scare tactics that were so famous at slumber parties. i apologize. i digress.

anyhooters, we all go out to eat breakfast at "cafe fleur-de-lis" and then walk around to do some shopping at the farmer's market. we sip on some yummy frozen daiquiris as we purchase some souvenirs and surprises for our kiddos back home. we walked around some more taking in the glorious warm sunny day as we enjoyed the culture and atmosphere that is n'awlins. here are some pics...after walking around, we all ate lunch. i had the BEST shrimp and crabmeat salad that my mouth has ever experienced. it was amazingly delicious. we walk back to our rooms, and my body is now weary. weary from the night before. weary from the venturous walk and beautiful sights. just straight out weary. that was okay though considering stacy and i had a massage planned for the day. 90 minutes of a full body massage never felt so much needed. i even dozed off towards the end. *sigh* thank you ma'am, may i have another? later, we shit, shower, and shave. throw on dress #2 and head down to the "carousel piano bar and lounge" that is located inside our hotel. this bar is awesome in that the bar itself actually rotates while you sit there and enjoy your drink. there were two guys there that were a hoot of a good time. the cheesiest pick up lines you've ever heard just oozing out of their mouths. here's a picture of the goobers. sweaty armpits and all. we all cram into a taxi cab like midget clowns in a circus car. shannon took us uptown towards the garden district where we had dinner reservations at "jacques-imo's restaurant." i ordered the "godzilla meets fried green tomatoes," and it was absolutely wonderful. i was a bit taken back by it's appearance, but it was tasty nonetheless. stuffed crab on top of fried green tomatoes. mmm, mmm, good. this place totally reminded me of one of those "hole in the wall" places that you hear about on the travel channel or the food network that jay makes me watch right before bedtime for some odd reason.after dinner, we jumped on an open air streetcar that took us to the frenchmen area where the locals go to enjoy the trendiest bars and nightlife. i'm not going to lie, but the ride on the streetcar was one i will never forget. just sitting there with the cool crip wind on my face as we gazed at all of the huge houses that looked like savannah style homes on crack made me feel like i was in a movie or something. it's hard to explain. but it was nice.once we jumped off the streetcar, we went inside a reggae bar where we danced to the funky beats of an awesome reggae band. jamaican me crazy, it was fun! this was the night that shannon, maggie, brenda, and laura partied like rockstars when they came walking in at 5:00 in the morning. yeah. 5 o'clock. A.M. ouch. we heard stories about a gay love triangle that was brought about over brenda's shoes and how they walked back to the french quarter where they were given the "last call for alcohol" at many of the bars. you know that's bad. overall, we all had a great time. i love these little all girls/moms getaway weekends we have started. i believe this last one was the absolute best since it only solidified how much we all have in common. we even bonded in the crammed taxi cab as we vowed to continue these mini weekend trips until we're "old and wrinkled." as maggie said, "i want to travel with you bitches till i'm 50." so be it. new york city, here we come!!!


Yankee Belle said...

I really miss everyone. I would never have guessed how great our trip was going to be. F'in ROCKED@!