Thursday, October 22, 2009

oh shat. i mean, drat.

thursday night, i met up with the girls for a mom's night out. we started early at 6:00pm and met at hacienda mexican grill in irondale. we ate dinner and shared some pitchers of some yummy frozen strawberry margaritas. we knew that we were headed to a haunted house after wards so we wanted to make sure that we had some liquid courage running through our veins. we were off to the atrox factory in leeds we went. we get there, immediately buy our tickets, and then take a seat while watching a cheesy old school horror flick on the huge movie screen. our group name gets called, and we squeal with delight as we race over to wait in line. the line moves fast, and next thing we know the guy is telling us to remove our earrings. what the what? yes, we were informed that things will be grabbing at us. panic sets in. the thought alone about made me soil myself. here's a picture of us anxiously waiting to go inside the haunted how was it you might ask? absolutely fakkin hilariously S-C-A-R-Y!!! if you can visualize 4 grown women (moms nonetheless) clutching on to each other for dear life while frantically running into walls and screaming bloody murder...well then, you have pictured us. seriously though, we scooby doo shuffled throughout the whole thing and were practically ON.TOP. of each other. we'd scream and laugh so hard that it took my breath away. at one point, i coughed so violently while trying to catch my breath that i thought i was going to yack.

so being the awesome friend i am (or idiotic), i promised everyone that i would go last in our fuh-reaked out little line. whoa. big mistake. every time i turned around, there was some creepy dude trying to sneak up on me. somehow, i ended up screaming to the front and all of us were in a big cluster fack trying our best just to push through the place and get the hell out of dodge.

oh. and please don't let me forget to describe what it was like trying to squeeze through what we called "the birth canal." as much as this part scared the shat out of me, i have to admit it was my favorite. it's hard to explain, but seriously, it turned pitch black, and we all had to walk through a tight tunnel that compressed us together by black sheets and air. again, we were no longer a single file line, but a ball of chaos.

by the end of the alarming journey, we left without three things:

- our voices
- our continence
- our sanity

not to mention, YB lost her earrings. job well done, atrox. i love being skeered.


Karla said...

THAT was FREAKING AWESOME!!! I haven't laughed that hard in so long. That was the best Haunted House experience EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh you all are some very brave souls....i would of died. i use to go them when i was young but i just don't think i could survive one thses days! YIKES!!!!


Yankee Belle said...

I would do it again....if it meant finding my nola earrings....but only 4 that.