Tuesday, October 20, 2009

pillow talk

tonight jay and i were discussing one of many things before we all got settled into bed. we were all laying down in our bedroom (the mabster included) when i told jay that i think she needs a bigger bed. for you see as of late, the mabster has been sneaking out of her bed in the wee hours of the morning to come sleep in the middle of us. she is such a restless sleeper that by the beginning of morning's light, she is sleeping horizontal between us with a foot in my face. no bueno.


so i tell jay that i think it's time for a real big girl bed instead of her tiny toddler one. she is growing like a weed, and as much as she tosses and turns, i'm sure her bed isn't big enough to accommodate her any longer.

so there we lay discussing what our next game plan would be. jay suggested a queen bed for her in her own room. i said, "no way" and reminded him that we must plan for the future. i told him that i thought we should buy twin beds and put them in lyla's room (since it is much bigger than the mabster's). then the mabster can have a bed for her and use the other one for a friend whenever she spends the night. the girls will rotate rooms until #3 gets here, and then both girls will share a room thus having her own twin bed. that baby #3 will be in lyla's crib in the mabster's current room.

so i ask the hubster if this makes sense. he replied with, "what about bunk beds?" he was getting excited.

then the mabster says, "what about baby 4 and 5? and 6?"


(followed by nervous laughter filling up the room)

she's so silly.


Anonymous said...

i think abby's idea of 4,5&6 is a GREAT idea!!!


Karla said...

I'm telling you, ya'll will have 6 kids. Mark my words!! haha

Kim said...

right now, i can't even wrap my mind around 3...

so there will definitely be no 6!! :)

Yankee Belle said...

I will have to make fun of you if you hit 18. Watch out Duggards, here comes the Douglases. Plural of Douglas???...

Anonymous said...

kim, 3 is soooo much fun! :D