Monday, October 19, 2009

"scarecrows in the garden"

monday, i dropped the mabster off at school, and then toshy and i headed to aldridge gardens to scope out the "scarecrow in the gardens" with some friends. there were approximately 20 scarecrows created by local organizations, schools, individuals, and businesses being displayed. we like to go every year and look at all of the different creations. i have noticed that this year, there aren't as many scarecrows like everyone has said, however, we really did seem to to enjoy our stroll throughout the park, and i loved the one-on-one time with the youngest. also, toshy enjoyed feeding some cheerios with the duckies. yeah, she shared. she's thoughtful like that. here's a picture of her cuttin' her eyes at them before they ate her snacks and jumped back into their pond.furthermore, i believe the pirate display was the kids' favorite. as soon as they saw it, ethan went running towards it as the girls followed suit. of course we couldn't help but snag a picture. this is actually half of the set-up, but super cute nonetheless. later, toshy had to pause for a brief moment and check out the waterfall while crossing the little bridge. i was just thankful that she didn't make any attempts of nosediving in.lastly, anyone who knows me well...knows that i have the filthiest dirty mind ever. i blame it on the 13 years of catholic school. what can i say? so as we were walking through for the second time, i noticed this one. my initial thought was to not let my mind quickly slip into the gutter. oops. and there it went. i wasn't going to pick it up. nope. that's not my style. instead, i quickly grab my camera and snickered to myself. i don't know. in fact, you tell me. does this scream "phallic" much? i think so.