Thursday, October 8, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) i must admit, i love when the mabster creeps into our bed in the wee hours of the morning and snuggles up between jay and i. last night, i rolled over and there she was. how long? eh, i haven't a clue. but it is sweet waking up to her little face so close to mine. but the kneecap in the kidney? not so much.

2.) sometimes i look at jay and think, "he is so hawt. i'd totally do him." then i am quickly reminded, "oh wait. he's mine. and i have. at least twice." thoughts like that make me smile.

3.) tonight, karla and i ate dinner with our dear friend, talley, at the cheesecake factory. these monthly dinners are awesome. just another great way to sit down and catch up with friends while comparing notes. i take good notes.

4.) (knock on wood) but the sleep fairy has blessed me this week. oh, how i have missed you, REM sleep. it's good to see you again.

5.) toshy likes to play peek-a-boo with me. although, i am not aware of when she wants to play. most of the time, i am on my computer where she pulls up behind it, moves it to the side, and says, "boo!" i love it.

6.) tomorrow night is date night. a double date night to be exact. with our significant other's other. dinner and a movie. i am SO itching to see "the couples retreat." vince vaughn is hysterical, and i expect nothing less.

7.) lesson learned: panera's fontega chicken is both a.)delicious with a half greek salad and b.) totally worth the price.

8.) jay has a new hobby. he has been talking about it for months with his friend, tony. they both plan to get hardcore into it along with some other friends. what is it, you ask? cycling. yup. he's bought the bike and now rides it every time he gets home. the mabster rides hers with him. i'd have to say that it's a great excuse for daddy/daughter time.

9.) not sure if the color "frazzled" looks good on me. so instead, i opted for "organized." it fits much better. the hips don't lie.

10.) toshy has started drinking from her sippy cup and saying "yum" after each sip. i would really love to bottle up her cuteness and save it for a rainy day.

11.) life is exactly where i want to be at right now. jay and i have a system, and for the most part, it has been working out awesome. he allows me to do what i want (and in fact, i believe he receives pleasure by seeing me so happy) and vice versa. why fack with a good thing, ya know? happy wife = happy life.

12.) i have finally updated our house with new pictures of both toshy and the mabster. it only took about a year, but the new ones being displayed are well worth it.

and lastly,

13.) my favorite month is here. which means picnics in the park, long-sleeve t-shirts with flip-flops, and the weekends are slammed packed with super fun events. i live for the weekends.