Thursday, October 15, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) the girls LOVE going to kids gym every week. especially the mabster. i can't help but watch her and think about how much she would love gymnastics. if our plates were even half as full as they are now, i might consider enrolling her in one. unfortunately, there are not enough hours in the day. maybe next year...

2.) the weather forecast this weekend calls for the highs in the 50s. holy moses. time to bust out the sweaters and scarfs. mi favorita!

3.) good gawd, my favorite month is quickly flying by. every year, i get more and more surprised at how many times we can throw something together in honor of halloween. it is after all, my favorite holiday.

4.) with that said, the RH's big "family festival of fright" halloween party is taking place this weekend, and i am SOO excited about it. i can't wait to see everyone dressed up in some ridiculous scary outfits (and why yes, mom and dads included). should be a frightfully good time.

5.) toshy's newest pastime is playing beside the tub. i can turn on the water ever so slightly so that there is just a thin stream flowing, and i swear, the kid can stand there for hours just putting her hands through it. the amazement and curiosity in her eyes is mesmerizing.

6.) the mabster told me yesterday that, "when she grows down, she wants to sit in lyla's highchair again." sorry sweet child, but "growing down" is no longer an option. speaking for myself, some days i wish it were.

7.) going to get my hair done did tomorrow. really looking forward to it. there's always something about highlights in the hair being the highlight of my day. what can i say, i'm easy to please.

8.) my oldest kiddo will be wearing two different costumes this halloween. one that matches her sister, and the other that matches her friends that go along with a superhero theme. she makes the cutest damn "wonder woman" i've ever seen.

9.) after the halloween party, we're headed to cullman this weekend. i'm ready to bundle up, eat mamaw's infamous chicken-n-dumplins, and maybe ride around on the 4wheeler. ahhh, in the words of noggin (now known as nick jr.), "i feel like i'm falling for fall..."

10.) it's okay to get pleasure by telling your kids "no," right? the only acceptable response is "yes," for the record.

11.) i have come to learn that one of the many good things about hosting something at our house is that it provides good reason to constantly keep it clean. this week, i like it. next week, i may be eating my words. guess we'll see.

12.) lyla is so hilariously sweet when she gets excited about something. what's even funnier is when she gets a hold of something she knows she is not suppose to have, and i go after her. she starts taking off on a mad dart as fast as she can. then, i quickly scoop her up as she begins to frantically flail and thrash around while squealing. deep down. i love it. i'm just worried that one day i won't be able to contain her excitement and she'll flip out of my arms. better hit the gym.

and lastly,

13.) so for the past week or so, the mabster has been sneaking out of her room late at night so that she can watch tv with us for "just two more minutes." then we have to go through the whole bedtime routine all over again. it's exhausting. the other night, she did it 3 times. so the next morning, we missed dance class due to no sleep, thus no energy. the mabster was heartbroken. i told her why we missed her class and so far, she hasn't pulled that stunt again. laziness vs. consequence. valuable lesson learned, check.