Thursday, October 22, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) so i have joined twitter as well as plurk now. they are both super fun, but i have to pry myself away from the computer some times. when i am gone for hours, i can't wait to sit down to it especially during nap (aka "me") time. so if some of these are a quick one liner, it's because i just copied and pasted what i said in one of the other sites. it's just super easy. #2-4 are used as examples...

2.) i just negotiated the release of the remote from my 3 year old. if you can dream it, you can do it.

3.) watching tv is no longer enjoyable when the mabster says, "i want that" during every commercial.

4.) wake up. change poop. eat. change poop. play. change poop. rinse and repeat. and it's not even noon.

5.) toshy is a pro now at climbing up in her crib and knocking down her video monitor. as much as it annoys me, i think it's so stinkin' cute to watch her do this. she has her face all up in the camera like it's the damn blair witch movie...and then, THUD. it hits the floor. never.fails.

6.) so this weekend is going to be slammed. "oh, surprise!" i know. but as always, we are extremely looking forward to it. friday, we are going to a fall playdate at heather's house. and if the rain holds up for us, we are hoping to let the kiddos jump in a pile of leaves like last year. ahh, i still remember that blog post.

7.) then on saturday, we are hosting a halloween themed supper club at our house. everyone is bringing a spooky scary side dish while we provide "brains in a bucket" (aka taco soup). and why yes, costumes will be in full force.

8.) speaking of costumes, after i drop the mabster off at big girl school this morning, i am heading out with karla maria and karmie to search for the BEST.DAMN.COSTUME.EVER. seriously, it's going to be hilarious. i hope we can do it justice. i have to give all credit to karmie though for coming up with the idea. it's a classic. supper club is going to be great.

9.) saturday morning, jay is meeting up with tony, stinky, and haswell (i believe) to go cycling around oak mountain. they try to ride their bikes for at least 25 miles each time. can you picture it? jay in speedos, tight shirt, and matching helmet. yeah, he said he'd take a picture of them for me. hehe. can't wait to see that!

10.) toshy has learned a new trick that she finds so funny. she'll pick up things only to drop them off the edge of something and say, "uh oh." she loves it. she smiles after each time she does it, and it will never be old news to her. it's the little things in life.

11.) tonight is a girl's night out. woohoo!! we're eating dinner out with some mexican and margaritas, and then headed to the atrox factory. let's hope we don't shit or piss ourselves. however, in the words of karla maria, "this is for shits and giggles."

12.) last night, the mabster started trying to teach lil toshy how to walk. she'd hold her hand and say "up" as toshy would stand up, and then they'd start walking off together. it was heartwarming to watch. i think they walked 53 laps around the kitchen and den. i even caught it on video. will definitely have to post later...

and lastly,

13.) i'm not sure if i am ready for 2 munchkins to be walking around. and of course, in opposite directions. god help me. not yet. please. i'm begging you.