Thursday, October 29, 2009

thursday's thirteen

1.) confession: when jay and i were younger, we blew our money like it was monopoly play cash. if we wanted something, it was ours. no matter what the price tag. we were idiots. but now with this crippling economy, we've buckled down. we've saved. we've paid off credit cards that i thought would never go away. and now. now we're walking around like a huge weight has been lifted off our shoulders. *sigh* damn, this feels good.

2.) our halloween festivities begin tomorrow at the mabster's big girl school. they are having their class halloween party where they get to dress up in their costumes and sing songs and the such. can't wait. kids really make the holidays fan-freakin-tastic.

3.) note to self: don't bother fussing over a shower before taking the girls to "kids gym." they will bathe us in bubbles anyway. score.

4.) with all the talk on the message board about everyone's favorite scary movie, i am itching to rent one and have a frightfully good time clenching on to hubster after the munchkins are asleep. maybe some old school stephen king's "IT" and "Pet Cemetery." eek!!

5.) friday night, i'm attending a friend's baby shower. of course it is halloween themed (i love themes), and we are encouraged to dress up as a famous mother. i have a white sheet. therefore, i'm claiming easy and going as mother teresa. shut your mouth. of course, i can pull off being mother teresa.

6.) saturday is going to be SO.MUCH.FUN. we have a birthday party to attend that morning, and then on to the night's events. even if it rains, it will not stop our trick-or-treating with a heapful of fun friends.

7.) so jay surprised me with my own iphone earlier this week. still learning the ropes of the thing, but i lurve it. i mean, lurve it. quick internet within my fingertips every second of the day? it's all too much. but i'll take it! now for some apps...

8.) i am fairly certain that someone slipped my toshy some crack the other night. she refused to go to bed at her normal bedtime, and all she wanted to do was babble uncontrollably and shake her head at me. she was so intent and swears that she was telling me something. i love this age. seriously.

9.) these next 4 comments are some samples of my twitter statuses simply because i don't have enough time to think right now. enjoy. running in the rain with 2 kids in tow. this too shall pass.

10.) (in reference to mayor langford) "the world is mad and they want to take it out on someone." really, LaLa? seriously? go find your unicorn. and wow. a hitler comparison. shame on you. why am i still watching this?

11.) two words: cybex elliptical. i can hear me swearing already.

12.) two blowouts and 2 baths before nap time? (insert sarcasm here) sweet child, you are too good to me!

and lastly.

13.) i need to purchase a 2010 calendar before this motivational mojo wears off. so much to look forward to. SO.MUCH. such a planner, am i.