Wednesday, October 14, 2009

just because

tonight, the family got together to eat dinner at lola and pawpaw's house. since pawpaw's only off days are wednesdays and thursdays, we wanted to go over so that he could enjoy spending time with his grandbabies. lola cooked some yummy chicken and rice per karla maria's request, and as always, it was delicious. we all watched football and let the kids run around like mad. toshy enjoyed riding on the rocking woof-woof with lola's help, and the mabster and cousin carson loved trying on all of pawpaw's hats.after dinner, lola made the girls some vanilla ice cream in hot pink ice cream cones. they were in heaven. then, jay showed pawpaw a video of the mabster singing one of their favorite songs, "i see the moon," and it seriously made the grown man tear up. this is obviously proof enough of where we get all our sentiment from. too sweet. the night was winding down, and we knew it was time to go when toshy headed to the door with my keys as she attempted to open the door. the little bit surprises me every day with her actions. overall, it was a great family night dinner. we love you, lola and pawpaw!


Yankee Belle said...

L Bug is toooooooooo cute!!!!