Sunday, November 29, 2009

titans game

sunday, we overslept till about 11:00am. no lie. i didn't think i had it in me, but obviously my sleep endurance can run a marathon. i knew my sheep had a backbone. nonetheless, we skipped breakfast which led to an early lunch. so we made our way over to B.B. King's restaurant for a bite to eat, and then started our walk to the football game at LP Field. the Tennessee Titans played the Arizona Cardinals, and kickoff was at 3:00pm. it was windy and cold which made bundling up in the bleachers to be pretty darn fun. also, our seats were right beside the fireworks which made being "constantly surprised" an understatement. *giggles* i mean, they'd score and i knew the fireworks would go off, yet still i jump. just call me spaz. that, i was. here are some pics...overall, the score was 20 to 17 with the Titans scoring within the last seconds of the clock counting down and them taking the victory. awesome. so go ahead and check my first NFL game off my list. it was a lot of fun, and i thoroughly enjoyed hanging out with our second family during the holiday weekend. it's been real. it's been fun. okay, it's been REAL FUN!! i love you, all. XOXO

Saturday, November 28, 2009

"they say the neon lights are bright on Broadway..."

after the baptism and casual reception, we all paraded over to downtown nashvegas to get wild on the legendary Broadway street. the christmas lights that decorated the trees set the mood, and it felt wonderfully odd to have our hubbies with us on this trip. don't get me wrong, i adore an awesome girls trip, but when my hubs was there beside me to take in the touristy night life while holding my hand and making fun of some skeezy characters, it became a reliving moment of our college days. i miss those carefree days, but i wouldn't trade that for what i have now. no ma'am. no way. guess moments like these are what makes the past that much sweeter. here are some pics of us while bar-hopping along broadway...we make our way to the "graham central station" bar where it consisted of four levels and a lot of stairs that were not good for the inebriated souls such as myself. as soon as we walk in, we make our way to the closest bar top, and the guys order our drinks. with said drinks in hand, we march up to the next level when our eyes make full contact with the cage. oh yes. i said, "the cage." i take one look at KM and YB and we all say out loud, "let's do it!" KM hands tre my camera and *click*, the memory is documented with lots of sketchy facial expressions and laughs to capture our true feelings of the moment.admittedly, this floor level scared us so we found the stairs and move up another level. it was almost like the more we climbed up, the closer to our own little heaven we got because we found ourselves at the karaoke bar. score. entertainment at it's finest. with chairs, a close bar, and a manageable crowd. me likey. so we get settled in when all of a sudden we look up a see some dude with copious amounts of eyeliner do a fairly decent rendition of cher's "if i could turn back time." sold, sold, and SOLD! it was fantastic. fishnets and all.later in the night after ample liquid courage, KM and i agree to go up there and sing with YB's brother. we sang a variety of different songs which included, "baby got back," "love shack," and "ice, ice, stacy (err, i mean, baby)." full frontal and posterior gestures were also incorporated, thank you. then the DJs came out with props and the appropriate choreography for timberlake's SNL song, "dick in the box." pure awesomeness and hilarity. they start playing every golden song out there including jay's anthem: "i'm on a boat." here is a picture about an hour before closing time of YB performing the limbo. the gals got some mad skills, i tell ya!the wee hours of the morning are upon us now, and we wanted to make one last stop at "the stage" before the last call for alcohol was announced. so we walk on over and dance front row and center all while bouncing off our hubbies and singing our sweet little hearts out to some U2, sublime, hank williams, journey, and other classics. i love knowing every word to every song. makes me feel well traveled in each musical genre. overall, it was an awesome night with our bestestest. 3:30 in the morning never looked so good on us. ACK!

CJ's Baptism

saturday morning, we dropped the girls off at lola and pawpaw's house for the weekend while jay and i headed to nashville. the quick road trip was in honor of CJ's baptism which included some other side festivities. we have been looking forward for this weekend for quite some time now so we were all excited that it was finally here. once jay and i checked into our hotel, we asked the concierge for names and locations of some good restaurants in the area. he recommended the "Amerigo" italian restaurant, and that's exactly where we went. it was SOO YUM-O. my hunger wishes there was one here in the salty hambone, but my girlish figure does not. ha!

so after our romantic dinner with no screaming kids (sigh), we headed back to the hotel, freshened up a bit, and then headed to mass at 5:30pm at the Cathedral of the Incarnation. the church was beautiful. i sat there in God's house just staring at everything all around me. i felt peaceful and at ease. like i had been rekindled with my childhood. my roots. like something that had been missing for awhile was now being filled again. i'm not gonna lie, we have become bad church goers since having two kids. hmmm, i think i feel a new year's resolution coming upon me already. anywayz, here are some pics... after mass, i thought about what i got from it. i had time to reflect on the teachings and what they meant to me. it's kinda funny, but the homily was based around john mayer's "waiting for the world to change." how most people sit around, expecting, and hoping the world will change for them. BUT the change needs to start with yourself. "you" should be that change. step up. be the better person. start with something small because it can play a big part. stop waiting or trying to persuade or change others on what you want, instead YOU make the change, and it will have a ripple effect. i thoroughly believe in this. it hit close to home when looking back on some past experiences. and for that epiphany, i have to say "yay for catholicism!" now enough of my revelations and on to the baptism. it started at 6:30pm right after mass was over. here are some was beautiful. CJ did awesome. he loved it. the family loved it. and if there were ever i time that i felt like family, witnessing this just solidified it. what can i say? i seriously am a sentimental deep-thinking ball of mush. i get it honest. so after the baptism and taking many mandatory imperious pictures, we all headed over to YB's mom and dad's house for a casual reception and celebration. heavy h'orderves and wine were served as well as cake. jay and M talked about football while lil B ran around scaring grandma with a fake cockroach. it was hilarious. i tried to tell lil B to put it in her lunch box at school so that her teacher would enjoy it. she just laughed at me, and said "ewww!" wonder if that was a yes? hmmm...

Friday, November 27, 2009

iron bowl

today was the day that every living and breathing soul in the south had been anxiously awaiting...the auburn vs. alabama football game. originally, we had no special plans for the day. just a quiet day at home since we thought the game was going to be a slaughter. then at the last minute, we decided to have a few people over. karla maria, blue momma, and their families arrived shortly before kickoff at 1:30pm. jay cooked a big pot of chili, BM made her infamous cheesy bread, and we had brownies for dessert (in honor of YB). we are all auburn fans minus blue dadda, and blue momma claimed "non-denominational." we are in the south, ya know. here are some pics...when everyone first arrived, we thought it would be fun to start a $1 pot for who can guess the closest score of the game. i like a dose of good clean healthy competition, and i love knowing a reward is involved. it's fun. so we all write down our best guesstimations. the game is on, and auburn is continuously in the lead. it was fan-freakin-tastic. no one expected this. i mean, NO.ONE. i swear i could hear lola screaming from the plains, and i'm fairly certain that my dad was used as her punching bag with all the hits of excitement.

also, being the awesome friends we are, we were blowing up YB's phone with some trash-talking since she is a HUGE bama fan. karla maria and blue momma were feeding off of each other, and then BM told me that i could throw her under the bus and say that she said, "two miracles happened tonight: 1.) auburn almost beat undefeated alabama. 2.) yankee belle was quiet for an hour and a half." i love it. seriously though, it was an AWESOME game! i really enjoyed watching it, even though bama got the "W." it was a good game all around, and definitely a nail-biter.

lastly, the final score of the game was 26 to 21, and of all the people to come up with the closest score, it was BM. yup, that's right. the one who knows nothing of football. only the colors of each team. in fact, i texted YB that, "we converted BM" only for her to respond with, "she is easily persuaded. someone who knows nothing of football, doesn't know any better." HA! true. i love you, hussies!!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving: round 2

so after spending all morning and day in cullman with my side of the family, we drove back down to continue celebrating thanksgiving with jay's side. dinner was planned to start at 4:00pm, and it was good timing. luckily, the girls took about an hour nap during the car ride. we all met at the restaurant, and as soon as we walked through the door, the mabster ran to nana lin and asked for a balloon. it's like her most favorite special treat when she goes there. so of course, nana lin and her walk to the back near her office, and she blows her up a blue balloon with an orange string (war damn eagle!). then, she makes one for the toshy and ties it to her wrist. hers was a green balloon with a yellow string (gooo blazers!). the girls LOVED their balloons.the best thing about those damn balloons though, was the fact that we could locate a child if they were walking behind the tables and chairs. it's easy to lose sight of one especially since the midgets are well, still midgets. admittedly, there were a couple of times where i thought, "where's the toshy?" then i saw the green balloon floating a few rows back, and i knew she was okay. *snicker snicker*

so we all say the blessing and get to some good eats. can i just say that i LURVE celebrating our holidays at home field now? seriously, it's awesome. it's open, fun for the kids to run around, any and everything you need is already there (booze included of course), and it's so close to home. it just makes me feel so less stressed and non-claustrophobic since our family is expanding like crazy. here we are minus auntie jess and blake. we missed you guys, but are glad ya'll got to spend the holiday together.lastly, here are just some random pictures of the mabster and the toshy playing with their cousins douglas and hudson. i can't believe how fast everyone is growing. they were all so sweet to watch, and by the end of the night, everyone was exhausted. there was definitely an early bedtime for all that night. thanksgiving with family was fantastic. i really enjoyed every minute of it and am now super excited about christmas. hope everyone had a happy thanksgiving!

"F-A-M-I-L-Y, F-A-M-I-L-Y. Love my family...I'm so're in my family...i'm so glad..."

thanksgiving: round 1

wednesday night, we all spent the night at the lakehouse in preparation of thanksgiving the following day. we wake up early in the morning, and all start getting ready. i was the last one to take a shower so by the time the 9:1 ratio (9 people to 1 shower) marked my turn, the hot water on full blast was lukewarm. i didn't mind one bit. in fact, i can't stand a steaming hot shower. however, jay is the opposite. luckily, he went first. i digress. so once everyone was dressed and ready, we drive up to mamaw's (aka the farmhouse). here's a quick family picture of us on the front porch swing while at the how stinkin' cute are the girls in their matching turkey shirts? thanks, maloney! we absolutely love them. so we arrive at the farmhouse where mamaw has a delicious thanksgiving feast awaiting us. the turkey, dressing, casseroles, and pies were all sooo yummy! here's a family picture of all of us at the dinner table. jay propped up my point and shoot, and ran before the timer went off. the first time was unsuccessful and hilarious as the camera nose-dived right before the picture took. but the second time? perfection. here we are...we filled our bellies full, and then just laid around while watching football. the kids took a nap, and pawpaw did too. toshy fell asleep while holding her babydoll with tita karmie, and it was the sweetest thing ever. little things like that remind me of how much i love my family and how overwhelming thankful i an hour passes (kinda like no swimming right after you eat for fear of cramping and drowning...yeah, that rule applied here), and we are ready to go play outside. mamaw gave the mabster an old loaf of bread and let us go to the back pond to feed the fishies. we were all excited. the mabster and cousin carson were loving it. they'd throw out the bread, watch it float, and then the catfish and bream would come and swallow it whole. here are some after feeding the fishies, we went back to the farmhouse and told everybody to get ready so that we can head over to "lake maria" for our traditional family picture. we do this every year at thanksgiving, and then, lola turns it into a christmas card to send out to all of our friends and family. this year, pawpaw wanted to take it at "lake maria." for you see, lola and pawpaw own about 200 acres of land up there. so when papaw had that one specific pond made and filled it with catfish, he named it "lake maria" after my mom. kinda sweet, no? i think so. here are some of the pictures that jay took with his camera.afterwards, tita karmie and the mabster went crazy running around in the wheat fields. it was a super windy day which made playing "hide-and-go-seek" super fun. i even tweeted that she achieved the award for "best tita ever." sadly to say that soon after, the title was rejected and tita karmie was disqualified after i overheard her trying to teach the mabster to say, "that's a damn lie." oh sheesh. i can't win for losing. silly rabbits!where's waldo? scratch that. where's the mabster and tita karmie?