Saturday, November 7, 2009

Auburn Homecoming

friday night the mabster spent the night at lola and pawpaw's house in preparation of attending auburn's homecoming football game the following morning. the tigers were scheduled to play furman at 12:30pm so they got there early enough to tailgate and enjoy some pre-game festivities. first off, the mabster sat on lola while she got her face painted as a tiger in orange and blue. pawpaw even got his to match. how cute is that? looking at these pics made me smile. the mabster was having a great time.after they got their faces painted, they headed over to see aubie. i was curious to hear how the mabster was going to react. excitedly, she told me that "she gave aubie a high five and that she wasn't scared!" baby steps. maybe he'll get that hug next year. nonetheless, i was proud of her. later, they walked over to the "tiger walk" where pawpaw let the mabster ride on his shoulders. they all got to see the coach, players, cheerleaders, and dance to the music of the band.once they got into the game and into their seats, the mabster enjoyed munching on some popcorn during the first half. the second half consisted of her defeating a pretzel that was (in the words of lola), "bigger than her head." she watched the game and cheered with "two pom-poms" given to her my two different ladies. her belly was full, and all the excitement had finally made her weary so she fell asleep on pawpaw's lap. tired little the game ends, and auburn takes the W with a score of 63-31. the mabster continued to cheer with her pom-poms while leaving the stadium with lola and pawpaw. they reported back to us that she was so good and had the best time. war damn eagle!!after the long drive home where the mabster slept the whole time, they arrived back at lola and pawpaw's house around 6:30pm. the mabster woke up, ate dinner, and then later made some peanut butter cookies with pawpaw. he even let her lick the spoon. so i called my mom around this time and asked if we needed to come pick her up. she told me that the mabster wanted to spend the night yet again since she was having such a great time. double score! lastly, lola painted her finger and toenails, and they both fell asleep in the same bed.before i close, i have to admit that my parents know me well. knowing that they caught these pictures of "the little things" that looking back are "big things" mean alot to me. moreover, i know that one day when the mabster reads this, she will enjoy it too. so thank you lola and pawpaw for always being the great grandparents that you are and spoiling my kid like crazy. we love ya'll more than you will ever know! XOXO


Yankee Belle said...

Holy Hell - Lola & Paw Paw are good at pics too! I would have thought you were there with them.