Sunday, November 15, 2009

daddy/daughter golf

after a busy morning, the toshy passed out as soon as we got in our car. i knew her afternoon nap was upon us so it was no surprise. here she is throwing in the towel. surrendering to thy faithful nap. so.stinkin.sweet.okay so rewind. while jay was tweaking the fine details with the saleslady, the said lady noticed that the mabster was wearing a pink masters golf shirt. she asked the mabster if she likes playing golf. daddy interrupts and says, "she's never been, but maybe daddy can take her today," as he glances and smiles at me. my inside voice is thinking, "well by golly, that's a grand idea!" and just like that, daddy drops toshy and i off at home while the mabster and him enjoy a daddy/daughter day over a game of golf. we sleep. they play. totally what everyone wanted. three hours later, they arrive home to a clean house and a hot pot of chili. daddy reported that they played 18 holes and that the mabster helped drive the golf cart. then he turned and asked the mabster, "what was your favorite thing about playing golf?" her response: "popcorn." that's one easy pleaser, i tell ya.daddy took this picture of the mabster on his phone. it makes me laugh because the club is almost bigger than her. and i love the fact that he put his golf glove on her hand. looks like santa may be bringing a pair of her very own PINK golf clubs. ya know, because she loves popcorn, err i mean, golf so much. hehe.