Monday, November 16, 2009

dinner with friends

tonight BM invited us over to her lovely home for a delicious dinner around 6:00pm. she served an outstandingly scrumptious pasta dish, cheese bread, and a salad. YB requested for some brownies so we brought some, and the menu was complete. the night was unseasonably warm and perfect to eat outside on her back patio. BD was there as well, and he set up the fire pit and his telescope in preparation of the meteor shower that is suppose to happen later in the night. we let the kids play outside on the trampoline and playground while we all chattered and watched. here are some pics. BM's "that boy" actually took the first picture...and of course, BM is hiding behind "that girl." never fails.BM made the brownies and let YB lick the spoon clean. with the help of baby CJ, there was nothing left. later while inside we let the kids play "hide and go seek." we'd tell them to go hide, but unfortunately, we forgot to go seek. i think they hid for about 30 minutes before they came back and told mr. J that he couldn't find them. it was the toshy and TG gave each other some sweet hugs and kisses, and the "big kids" preformed stairs races on their bum-bums. well, at least the mabster tried to.overall, it was a great time with great friends. thank you so much for having us all over, BM. you're such a gracious hostess, and we love you! with that said, we'll be over again tomorrow night. hehehe.


Yankee Belle said...

Good times, good times!